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Alphabetical Index of Dog Friendly Tips and Dog Articles

Dog Articles

Index of Articles & Tips

Most people only look at the first few pages of this website such as where we can sleep, the dogs' swimming pool area, the enquiry and booking page, guests comments, and a few of the local walks. However this site has over 400 pages of large pictures of the castle, each with its own Dog Friendly Tip and many with Dog Friendly Articles.

Unfortunately it would take you 400 pages to scroll through to actually find a subject you might be interested in. So to make it simpler to read what you want to read, here is an index in alpabetical order, of all the dog tips and dog articles. The links are active, so just click on a subject you like or are interested in to go to the selected Dog Friendly Article or Dog Friendly Tip.

Alternatively just click through the pictures as per the sub-index in this section.

Aches & pains in dogs
Accidents: everyday avoidable Accidents and Emergencies
Accidents First Aid
Accommodation & B&B that is truly Pet Friendly
Adoption: How much does adoption cost?
Age of dogs: When is a dog old
Aggression in a Puppy: the Warning signs of an aggressive puppy
Aggression: dog on dog aggression is more learned than instinctive
Aggression: dogs acting aggressively when sharing a family

Aggression: handling aggressive dog behaviour
Aggression in Pitbulls; what causes it?
Aggression: preventing your dog from becoming aggressive

Aggressive Dogs: are there more aggressive dogs than there used to be?
Allergies in Dogs
Allergies: signs of dog allergies
Amish: why the Amish in USA are so involved with Puppy Mills and how we stop it
Allergies: do dogs cause allergies in children?
Arthritis in Dogs
Arthritis and joint pains in old dogs
Attitude, my dog has attitude
Australian Shepherds: great pets for your family
Australian Shepherds: Know all about the amazing Australian Shepherds

Bad Breath: what causes bad breath in dogs?
Bad Breath in dogs: my dog has bad breath
Bad Breath and Dog's mouth
Barking: Breaking the barking habit
Bark Prevention Collars: Introduction to dog bark collars
Barking: tips on how to stop your dog from barking excessively
Bathing: Dog Bathing
B&B that is truly Pet Friendly
Beds for Dogs: Choosing Dog beds
Beds: dog beds
Bee stings
Biting: dog bite liabilities, what should you do if you are bitten by a dog?
Bladder Control problems
Blood Pressure - high
Bones tips
Bones: is it OK to feed my dog bones?
Breathing Problems
Broken Bones
Buying a Puppy - things to consider

Canine Cancer and passive smoking
Car sickness: how to curb car sickness in puppies and dogs
Care for dogs: some dog care tips
Care for dogs: more tip, name tags, flea collars and more tips
Caring for pet dogs including washing and grooming
Cars with dogs inside - notice other dogs in cars
Characteristics: what are the characteristics of your dog - of each breed of dog?
Chewing: Stop Dogs From Chewing
Chewing everything: how to stop chewing
Children and dogs: small children and small dogs are not a good recipe for a happy home
Choosing a dog
Choosing a dog
Choosing a dog: how to choose the perfect dog for your home
Christmas Lights and Dogs
Christmas Trees and Dogs
Clicker: Introduction to using a clicker for dog training
Colds: Do dogs get colds?
Cold: what to do if a dog has a cold
Collars: Introduction to dog bark collars
Commands that are essential to learn: How to save your dog's life with two word commands
Collecting Dogs
Confidence in Dogs; the art of developing a confident dog through proper socialisation
Contagious Diseases in dogs?  What can you catch from your dog
Cool Days
Coughing: common causes of dog coughing
Coughs: Dry Coughs
Cows in a field - walking through cowfields
Crate Training Dogs
Crate Training Schedule
Cuts First Aid

Datschund: owning a Datschund
Deaf People's Dog - the poodle is best
Death of a dog
Dehydrated Raw Food Diets
Diabetes in dogs
Diet: Dog's diet and shape
Digestion in dogs
Disorders and Defects in Dogs
Dog Beds
Dog Lover: Are you a dog lover
Dog Shock Collar: How a dog shock collar saved my dog's life
Dogs have needs too
Driving: Seatbelts for dogs
Driving with dogs
Driving with Dogs: securing your dog while traveling may soon be law
Downing: reviving a drowning dog
Dry Skin: how to treat dogs with dry skin
Drugs to kill external parasites
Drugs to kill internal parasites

Ears: Cleaning your dog's ears
Elastic Bands, Children and Dogs
Electric shock dog collars; how a dog shock collar saved my dog's life
Emergency: How to save your dog's life with two word commands
Exercise: Dogs need exercise too
Exercise for dogs
Exercise: the right type of exercise for your dog
Exercise: how to ensure your dog gets adequate activity in dog exercise areas
Eye Problems in Dogs
Eyesight: Can my dog see long distance and in colour?

FAQ's: Dog FAQ's 1-10
FAQ's: Dog FAQ's 11-20
FAQ's: Dog FAQ's 21-30
FAQ's: Dog FAQ's 31-40
FAQ's: Dog FAQ's 41-50
Fears: Three common dog fears and solutions
Feeding: how often should a dog be fed?
Feeding dogs over winter months
Feet: Treating a dog with sensitive feet
First Aid and Accidents
First Aid for Cuts
First Aid for dogs
First Aid for heatstroke
First Aid for Poisoning
Flea Prevention in Summer
Fleas & Ticks
Flies can kill dogs
Food for Dogs: Canned foods
Food for dogs: Choosing a dog food
Food for dogs: Dehydrated Raw Food Diet
Food for Dogs: Dog Biscuits
Food for dogs: are all dog foods born equal?
Food for dogs: greater variety in dog food
Food for Dogs: is it OK to feed my dog bones?
Food for Dogs: make a natural dog diet at home
Food for Dogs: Raw Food Diet
Food for dogs: the right dog food for your dog
Food for dogs: tips on saving on dog feed
Food for dogs: is it safe to feed your dog human food and leftovers?
Food for dogs: Human foods that dogs must avoid
Food for dogs: A sneak peak at how to pick dog food
Food for dogs: Types of dog food
Food Intolerance in dogs
Foreign Body/ something stuck in dog's bottom
Foreign Bodies in Stomach
Forgiveness and Goodwill were not my dog's style

German Shepherds: trained German Shepherds for family protection
Greyhounds: why a rescue Greyhound makes the ideal pet
Greyhounds: Adopting a Greyhound
Greyhounds are ideal dogs for adoption
Grit on roads and paths in winter: rock salt a danger for dogs
Groomers: how your family pet can be maimed by dog groomers
Grooming: how to get your dog groomed
Grooming: Let your dog's coat grow in winter
Grooming: Tips for regular grooming of your dog
Grooming weekly
Grooming: why grooming is a must
Grooming: Brush your dog's coat regularly
Grooming: Brush teeth
Grooming: Matty Mutts - use professional groomers

Heads out of window when driving
Healthcare for dogs; how to give your dog a healthy and pain-free life
Health: a mine of dog health information
Health: Arthritis in dogs
Health: Diabetes in Dogs
Health: Dog hip Dysplasia
Health: Joint problems in dogs FAQ
Health: Long life tips for dogs
Health: Five of the most common health problems in dogs
Health: Keeping your dog healthy
Health: know the health problems specific to certain breeds
Health: Review of the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health, does it provide useful information?
Hearing problems
Heartworm and vaccination problems
Hip Dysplasia
Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
Holiday Treats for dogs; be careful
Horsefields: Walking through fields with horses in
House breaking a puppy is easy
House Training Guide: A review
House Training Tips that work
Houses: unusual dog houses
How to get a great pet dog for your needs
Human food that dogs must avoid

Insurance: Should you buy pet insurance?
Insurance for pets: Pros
Insurance for pets: Cons
Itching and Scratching Dog

Joint Problems in Dogs: FAQ
Jumping: teach your dog to stop jumping on people

Kennel Cough and various diseases

Label Rings: Keep dog label rings up to date
Labradoodles: the various types of labradoodle
Lameness in dogs
Lead Training in three simple steps
Listening: Why won't my dog listen to me?
Longevity: how long does a dog live?
Dogs & Livestock - Walking through Livestock
Lost Dog: why dogs are more easily lost in winter
Lyme Disease: what is Lyme Disease?

Mange, Mites & Parasites: Natural & Chemical Treatments
Mange: How do dogs get Mange? Two common kinds
Man's Best Friend
Misbehaviour in Dogs: what to do when a dog misbehaves
Mouth: unblocking a dog's mouth
Movies: top grossing dogs movies

Nail Care for Dogs
Nail Clipping for Dogs
Nails: clipping your dog's nails
Name Tags for dogs
Neuturing Benefits and concerns
New Dog owners' useful tips
Nose: should my dog's nose be pink or black?
Nutrition for dogs

Obesity: Dog Obesity can affect a dog's life
Odours: animal odours
Old Dogs, signs of ageing
Outdoors: five tips for safety outdoors
Over-eating: don't let a dog overeat
Overweight Dogs
Owners' Responsibilities

Packing for your Dog when going on holiday
Paint: removal of paint
Parasites: dog drugs to kill external parasites
Parasites: dog drugs to kill internal parasites
Parasite removal
Pills: how to administer a pill
Pitbulls: busting four common myths about Pitbulls
Pitbulls: tips on training your pitbull faster
Poisoning in dogs
Poo: Why you need to pick up and dispose of your dog's waste
Pregnancy in Dogs
Pregnant Dog: A preview of how to take care of a pregnant dog
Pugs: four ways to prevent pug behaviour issues from becoming a problem
Pulling on a Lead: stopping a dog pulling on the lead
Poodle - a best friend for deaf people
Poodle: what do you need to know before getting a pet poodle?
Potty Training for dogs
Problems specific to certain breeds: know your breed's health problems
Pubs & Attractions - visiting with your dogs
Puppy Aggression: Warning signs of an aggressive puppy
Puppy: bringing home a new puppy
Puppy nipping: what goes wrong and how to fix it
Puppy Training in Social Skills: Socialisation Skills for your Puppy
Puppy: Top five reasons you should be training your puppy


Raw Food Diet
Raw Food Diet and Constipation: a stop and go solution
Removal of paint
Removal of road tar
Rent a Puppy / Dog: Four reasons why rent-a-puppy is a horrible idea
Rescue Dog: tips for training your new rescue dog
Rest stops when Traveling
Restraining a dog - how to restrain a dog
Responsibilities in raising a dog
Reviving a drowning dog
Rhododendrons in the Country Park
Ringworm: contagious to humans

Safety: Keeping a beloved dog safe with personalised dog tags
Sarcoptic Mange, just how does it affect your Dog?
Seatbelts for dogs
Separation: avoiding separation anxiety in dogs
Separation Anxiety: three steps for curing dog separation anxiety
Scratching and Itching dog

Shampoo: why you should not use human shampoo on dogs
Shampoos: Dog grooming shampoos can improve the condition of your pet
Sick or unwell: how to tell if your dog is sick
Sit!  The most effective way of training your puppy to sit
Sit! Training a dog to sit
Skin Conditions: four common skin conditions in dogs
Skin Problems in Dogs
Slimming tips for dogs
Socialisation Skills for your Puppy
Sofa: How to stop your puppy from jumping up on to your sofa
Speaking to your dog - how to speak to your dog
Splinters in dog's skin
Spring Checks for your dog
Summer: Take special care in warm weather environments
Sunlight: direct sunlight

Tags: Keep dog label rings up to date
Tags: Keeping a beloved dog safe
Tail: what does a dog's tail tell you? Dog tail signs
Teeth: Brush Teeth
Teeth: ensuring good teeth
Terriers: Choosing the best pet Terrier
Testicular Cancer in Dogs: prevention is better than cure
Thieves: Dog thieves
Ticks and Fleas
Ticks and Mosquitoes
Ticks: how to get rid of ticks in your house
Toys for dogs: innovative ways to stuff a dog toy
Toys: how to make your own simple dog toys
Trainer Quotes: five famous quotes by dog trainers
Trainers: Choosing the right dog trainer
Trainers: choosing the right person to train your dog
Training your dog
Training a dog to come to your call
Training aggressive dogs
Training: Lead Training in three simple steps
Training: All you need to know about training for dogs
Training: five basic commands for any dog owner
Training: House training tips that work
Training: Introduction to dog training clubs
Training: modifying your pets behaviour for a happier home
Training: Potty training for dogs
Training: Rescue dogs training tips
Training to sit: training your puppy to sit
Training: Teaching your dog to come when called
Training a dog to sit
Training: using a clicker
Training: Teach your job to stop jumping on people
Training: What to do when your dog misbehaves
Training Article: Where are your Eyes?
Training: Who is training who?
Training: who is the boss?
Training Courses take the bite out of learning
Travel - No Feed Before Travelling
Travel: before traveling make a list and check it twice
Treadmills: Five reasons to choose a canine treadmill over a human one
Treats: A word about dogs treats
Treats for dogs on holidays - be careful
Treats: how to make your own simple dog treats
Treats: safe treats and chews for dogs

Unusual Dogs Houses
Unwell: how to tell if your dog is sick

Vaccinations: what vaccinations should a dog have?
Vaccinations: core and non-core vaccinations
Vaccinations: five dog vaccinations you did not know existed
Vaccinations: the core vaccinations for dogs
Vaccinations: non-core vaccinations for dogs
Valentines: Healthy Valentines treat options for dogs
Vet: Know your own vet's details when you travel
Vitamins for dogs

Warm dog bed and dog blanket in winter
Warm Weather: take special care in warm weather environments
Weigh your dog at the vets
Winter Care: Advice on winter dog care
Winter Coat: Let your dog's coat grow in winter
Winter Exercise for you and your dog
Winter Exercise: How to exercise with your dog in winter months
Winter Feed: Feeding dogs over winter
Winter Poisons: Beware
Winter: Dangers of rock salt on roads and paths
Winter Walks: why dogs are more easily lost in winter
Worms: Checking for worms
Worms: Common Intestinal Worms
Worms: Dog worms a risk to humans and children
Worms: Heartworm
Worms: Heartworm and vaccination problems
Worms: Hookworms
Worms: Prevention of worms
Worms: Ringworm contagious to humans
Worms: Roundworms
Worms: Symptoms of worms in dogs
Worms: Tapeworms
Worms: Treatment for worms
Worms: Whipworm




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