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Dog Friendly Tips: Ear Mites

Ear mites cause severe irritation in the ears of dogs. Mites cannot be seen without magnification, but they produce a black crusty discharge (this may be what Sheeba had once or twice and was treated with Surolan).

The dog will scratch the hair off the back of his or her ears for relief.

Ear mites cannot be treated with a thorough cleaning alone. Cleanings by a veterinarian need to be followed by prescription medication. Eardrops, oral medications and injections will help clear up conditions. Dips, sprays, and powders can be used afterward to prevent additional outbreaks.

Dog Friendly Article:
5 Dog Vaccinations You Didn't Know Existed

Most people are aware of the core dog vaccinations such as Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, etc. However, very few know about the additional, non-core vaccinations that are available for dogs. Five of these vaccines include; Giardia, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis, rattlesnake, and Babesia.

1. Giardia

Giardia, also known as beaver fever, is a type of protozoa that develops in dogs after infected water is consumed. Giardia cysts then remain in the digestive system, absorbing nutrients from the dog's body. This can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, anemia, and other health problems. In addition, the infection can also be transmitted to humans. Luckily, a Giardia vaccine has recently been made available to prevent infection in canines.

2. Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that occurs when a dog is bitten by an infected tick. The disease can cause a variety of issues ranging from inflammation of the joints to kidney failure. Dogs that are exposed to deer, mice, and other vectors have a higher chance of contracting the disease. Canines traveling to high risk areas can get vaccinated to help prevent infection.

3. Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is another type of bacterial infection that can affect dogs. The disease can cause serious health issues and can be passed on to humans. Most veterinarians recommend the Leptospirosis vaccine for dogs that live in areas where presence of the disease has been confirmed. Although a vaccination is not available for three strains of the infection, there are vaccines for the most common types of Leptospirosis.

4. Rattlesnake

As its name indicates, the rattlesnake vaccine is designed for dogs that are at high risk of being bitten by a rattlesnake. The vaccine works by stimulating the creation of antibodies against rattlesnake venom. This way if the dog is bitten, he will already have protection, and the severity of the bite is decreased.

5. Babesia

Babesia is a protozoan parasite that triggers the destruction of red blood cells in dogs. In most cases, the disease leads to a condition called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, which usually requires a blood transfusion as part of treatment. Babesia is transmitted through ticks and although it can develop in all canines, it is most common in bull terriers and greyhounds. Babesia is also zoonotic, meaning that the infection can be spread to humans. Currently, the Babesia dog vaccination is only available in France and has a success rate of approximately 90%.

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