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My dog grooming parlour for a good spruce up

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Here's a handy dog friendly grooming and pet parlour, 'Paws and Claws', now in a new shop in Ystradgynlais (7 miles south of the Castle). I think I might pop in for a dog grooming session here. I'll remind my owners to book in advance of our arrival as they're quite busy sometimes.

My owners can have a bite to eat or a coffee in Ystradgynlais while they wait. There are lenty of little cafes on the same street as the grooming parlour.

My friend Jack tells me they are very friendly and competent here and with all the walks locally, I want to be seen at my best!

Besides, I'll need a wash and a groom before returning home! They can also check my 'anal glands' which not all dog grooming parlours bother with - a regular chore but it makes me comfortable.


When you call 07528 206 753 you get a message saying, "the new number is 07817 956 343". But the new number has no answering service and often has no reply or is 'not available'. So first leave a message - your name and number - on the old number! Then try the new number and if you get through fine but if not at least you have left a message (as you seem unable to do so on their new number).

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