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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Animal Odours

The sources of animal odours, aside from excrement of course, are ear canker, lip-fold or other infections, anal gland secretions, sebum from thousands of body glands, and dog collars, which absorb sebum.

All of these can be eliminated by cleaning the ears, by treating any infections, by expressing the anal glands, and by thorough bathing.

When I take Jack to be groomed I always have his anal glands done at the same time, as this is probably the cause of him becoming a bit whiffy after a month or two without bathing. That and the fact frequent swimming in the river will make his coat smell a bit.

Dog Friendly Article: How to Make Your Own Simple Dog Treats

Liver Dog Treats
These treats are truly amazing, even dogs that are not very food orientated seem to go nuts for these, if you make these, your dog will be the most grateful
dog alive!

1 lb/450g pigs liver
1 lb/450g of cornflour
6oz/170 g potato flour or semolina
1 egg plus milk if more liquid needed
2 grated carrots or a grated apple
1 clove of fresh garlic
1 teaspoon of poppy seed

How to make:
Dry liver with paper towel. Cut into chunks and puree it either in a blender or food processor. Then place in a large mixing bowl.
Add a grated apple to the liver. Or add the grated carrots instead!
Add one clove of crushed garlic. Add the cornflour and the potato flour/semolina
Add an egg and a splash of milk!
Add 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds.

Mix together thoroughly
Roll out onto a baking tray (approximately 2cm thick), cut into squares, and bake at 350 F/180 C for 15-20 mins.
(Always keep an eye on them when cooking to make sure they don't burn)

Fish oatcake dog treats
Your dog will love these oatcakes, they are tasty, healthy, smell great and just so easy to make! And from preparation to cooking time they take less than one hour!

2 tins of sardine in oil (2x120g)
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
60g of wholemeal flour
300g of oats
A splash of water

How to make:
Add the sardines to a bowl and mash them up thoroughly with a fork
Add the garlic, flour and oats
Mix everything together with your hands, adding a splash of water to make a dough ball
Roll out the dough (approximately 2cm thick) then cut out the biscuits in the shape of your choice.
Place dog biscuits on baking tray and place into a preheated oven at 190°C for around 20-25 mins.
(Always keep an eye on them when cooking to make sure they don't burn)

Simple to make, meat free dog treats!
I thought a dog treat without using liver or meat would make a nice change so I thought I'd try banana alongside peanut butter and honey. These buns are great, they have a hard crusty shell which makes them excellent to carry around but moist and bready inside and packed with flavour! Dogs love them!

200g Cornflour.
200g Wholemeal flour
1 tablespoon of Honey
2 eggs
2 bananas
200g Smooth peanut butter!.

How to make:
Add two eggs, peanut butter, 2 chopped bananas and a tablespoon of honey to a large mixing bowl.
Mash it all together until it is smooth.
Add the flour and the cornflour.
Mix it all together with a fork then roll up your sleeves because you'll need to get stuck in with your hands to mix it all up! Into a big dough ball.
Roll into little balls and place onto baking tray. Be quite firm when rolling them in your hands!
Place into the oven at 130°C and then cook for 45 minutes.
(Always keep an eye on them when cooking to make sure they don't burn)

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We hope you enjoyed this article, if you would like to share your creations, have recipes of your own or just want to share photo's of your dog come join us on our free forum is a community for all dog lovers, our aim is to improve the lives of dogs through education, training advice, product reviews and hundreds of other dog owners helping each other, come by and say hello!

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