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Dog Friendly Hotel Wales Craig y Nos Theatre Garden 05

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Craig Y Nos - Dog Friendly Accommodation - The Theatre Gardens

Dog Friendly Tips: Your Dog's Nails

My dogs benefit from regular walks and runs at Craig y Nos. Either I walk them, or my wife does, or Ian, the General Manager at Craig y Nos Castle, walks them, so typically Jack and Sheeba get walked two or three times a day.

Lately however Sheeba has taken to running back to the office to wait for me, in preference to walking with Ian, the General Manager. Over a period of time this means she has had less walks than normal as I in the last few months have not been walking the dogs as often as I used to (being busier in the office myself).

We've noticed Sheeba's nails getting longer as a result of her lack of walks and this causes her feet to splay outwards. So for the first time in years, her nails need clipping as they are not getting naturally worn down by regular walks.

Most dogs will not get the number of long walks ours get. Being in a dog friendly Country area, and having our dogs at our place of work, we are able to give our dogs a lot more walks than you might when you live in a town or have a job working long hours while your dogs stay at home.

For dogs who do not get quite enough walks, nails should be clipped on a regular basis. Overly long nails spread the paws which is painful and, in extreme cases, crippling. Neglected nails can snag fabrics, rugs, human skin, and cause injury. How often you trim depends on your individual dog's need.

Nails are short enough when your dog can stand squarely on her pads with the nails bearing none of her weight. A good nail length enables your dog to develop normally, and for elderly dogs it is essential for comfort, particularly if they suffer from arthritis.

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