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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 05

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Feeding

There are some general principles of feeding that are important to the health of every dog regardless of breed.

In feeding mature pets, the less they eat, compatible with keeping them in sound condition, the healthier they'll be and the longer they'll live, when on a complete and balanced diet. They should not be allowed to get too fat or too thin.

If you try to keep them too thin, they may get too little of some essential ingredient; if you permit them to get too fat, you will shorten their lives.

In growing pets, the faster they grow the cheaper it is to raise them. But will they live longer, be healthier? Probably the best rule for sound health and longevity is to grow them moderately fast, but not to force them.

Nearly everyone overfeeds his or her pet.

Almost every dog will eat 100 per cent more than it needs. There are some dogs, like some people, that never get fat even though they are chronically overfed. The way to feed your pet the way people who are good feeders do is to find just the amount that will maintain its weight and then give it no more. No rule is as important as this one. Your dog is happier if not burdened with unnecessary fat.

If only pet owners who allow their dog to become obese knew a few truths about food storage in the body and something about fasting which some people mistakenly call starvation how much better off their pets would be.

Starvation is the long-continued deprivation of food. Fasting is short-term, total, or partial abstinence from food.

Starvation is forced; fasting is voluntary. A sick dog fasts; an obese dog must be starved but not necessarily deprived of all food.

When a dog is too fat it won't really starve, even though it takes no food until its own fat is consumed.

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