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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 06

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Is it OK to feed my dog bones?

Since bones can cause obstruction problems, there is no advantage and many disadvantages to feeding dogs bones.

A normal dog has hydrochloric acid in its stomach, but it is almost twice as concentrated. The stomach fluids soften bones and blunt their sharp points quickly, so they become harmless. The acids, coupled with a protein-digesting enzyme, do a very thorough job on most bones. A bone in a normal dog's stomach dissolves in a few hours. And there is little chemical action on the calcium in bones once they have left the stomach.

However, if a dog has digestive upset and does not secrete enough acid, bone chips can be a disaster. Some dogs have too little acid and vomit bone chips, and these dogs, above all, should never be exposed to the problem.

When bones are eaten and digested they form a light-colored hard bowel movement that is usually difficult to pass, which is a good reason for not feeding bones. Some dogs become so constipated that literally gallons of water are required to be administered in enemas to remove the solid mass. It is not uncommon to find bones in the stools of dogs,or sharp bone chips in the rectum. All these are simply evidence of indigestion.

If whole bones are found instead of the calcareous (containing lime) feces, it is an indication of stomach trouble.

Dog Friendly Article: Make a Natural Dog Diet at Home

By Liz Canham

You probably buy the best dog food that you can and your dog wolfs it down anyway but do you really know what's in that kibble or can of dog food? Even if you've read the ingredients, you're probably none the wiser. What with all the scientific terms and chemical numbers, the whole thing may as well be written in Martian. The only way that you will know without a shadow of a doubt what's in your dog's food is by making a natural dog diet at home.

You may think that making a natural dog diet yourself will be very difficult but with a bit of time and effort, you'll soon find that you can easily produce a healthy and nourishing diet for your dog and best of all, you'll know what's in it.

By making your dog's food yourself, you will be taking responsibility for his health and wellbeing. You may want to consult your vet as to what's best to put in your home made dog food in terms of quantity, balance and nutrients and just as importantly, what to avoid. Your vet will also tell you if your pet will need supplements to replace those normally found in commercial dog food.

There are a couple of different philosophies you can follow when making your dog's food.

The raw food diet. This consists of raw meat, vegetables and grains and more or less mirrors what your dog would have eaten in the wild.

The organic dog food diet. This is a bit more expensive and you will need to buy organic meat, vegetables and grains. However, you will have the security of knowing that your pet isn't eating pesticides and antibiotics passed through the food chain. If you grow your own vegetables without using chemicals then you've really got a head start with the organic dog food diet. While you're treating your dog, why not treat your family as well and you can all get healthy together.

Cooked dog food. Of course you can boil things like tripe for your dog but don't feed him cooked human food; it will probably contain far too much salt. Cooked chicken and rice are good for dogs with delicate digestive systems but they will probably need supplements.

If your dog likes a treat, make sure he gets natural ones like a bit of carrot or apple. Dogs think of an ice cube as a treat so why not freeze some vegetable juice in cubes to make an even tastier snack. You can even make your own dog biscuits and I'll give you a link to a couple of recipes later both for dinner and biscuits.

If you're feeding treats to your dog, do remember to deduct the weight of these from his daily food allowance before you portion out his main meal.

By making a natural dog diet at home you'll be protecting your pet's health from chemicals and other unnatural ingredients found in processed food.

To try out some recipes for a natural dog diet, visit A Dog's Diet.

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