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Dog Friendly Swimming Pool 07

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Craig Y Nos Dog Friendly Wales Hotel - Jack's Swimming Pool

Dog Friendly Tips: Grooming Weekly

Establish a regular grooming routine with your dog to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Grooming keeps your dog healthy and refreshed much like a shower or good back-rub refreshes us!

Starting a regular grooming routine is simple and the experience can be rewarding for you and your dog. It gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog while caring for and maintaining her health. It also lets you check for anything that has got stuck in the fur, any matts can be spotted early enough to be removed or brushed out.

Most dogs should be groomed at least once a week and all you need are some simple tools including a dog brush and maybe some nail clippers (though be careful with nail clipping not to go too short).

You can also buy natural dog shampoo. I occasionally shower Jack in the Shower with luke warm water so he does not get too hot, using a special dog shampoo. Disappointingly he will roll in the mud again at the earliest opportunity but it does prevent his coat from smelling; a problem with Golden Retrievers constantly in river water is that they really start to pong after a month or two.

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