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Dog Friendly Tips: Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping On People

Most people think it's cute when an adorable little puppy jumps up on them looking for attention, wagging his tail. Who can resist such a little ball of fur? The problem is that little balls of fur grow up to be big dogs and when they do they can knock you down when they jump up on you. But your dog thinks it's fine to go on jumping up on you. You used to like it! He doesn't know that anything has changed even though he may now be big enough to knock a child or elderly person down when he jumps on them or he might accidentally injure someone.

It's very common for dogs to jump up on people. It's easier to break this habit with some dogs than others. It helps if you don't let your dog start jumping up on you even when he's a cute little puppy! Admittedly, it's hard to resist doing this sometimes. If you have already started letting your puppy jump up on you, you should stop letting him do it now. The sooner you try to stop the behavior the better your chances of keeping it from becoming a serious habit.

If your puppy or adult dog already jumps up on you and other people, here are some ways to stop this behavior.

Ignore your dog. Most of the time when a puppy or dog jumps up on people it's because he's seeking attention. He's happy and he wants to greet you. You can discourage the behavior by ignoring your dog when he jumps up on you. Turn your body away from him. Do not speak to him or touch him. Disengage your body and move away. This method does work but it only works if everyone in your home ignores your dog when he jumps up on them. If your kids pet your dog when he jumps up on them, it won't work. You also can't scold your dog or tell him, "No," either. Don't speak to him at all, even to give him negative attention.

Give your dog a substitute behavior. If your dog is jumping on you or other people when they walk in the house, you can teach your dog to do something other than jump on them. The best thing to teach your dog is to sit when someone walks through the door. Your dog needs to know the Sit command but this is easy for any dog to learn. Once he knows how to Sit when you give the command, you can tell him to sit when you arrive home. When you answer the door or the doorbell rings, give him the Sit command.

You can practice this lesson by having a friend come over and ring the bell or knock on the door while you give your dog the Sit command. If your dog will sit reliably when you give the command then he won't be jumping on you or anyone else. You can take this command further and teach your dog to "Go to his place" or "Go to his room" or "Go to bed" to send him to his special place to lie down when people are arriving at the door. This command will also prevent your dog from bolting out the door when people are coming in, which can be a concern when the door is open for long periods. Remember that dogs learn best with praise and rewards and they work well when teaching your dog to Sit as a substitute behavior for jumping up on people.

These two methods are considered the best approaches for teaching a dog not to jump on
people. One of these methods will usually help you teach your dog to stop jumping and behave more calmly when you or other people arrive at your house.

Article by Nancy Cope a proud owner of 4 rescue dogs and owner of Pampered Dog Gifts an online dog boutique that specializes in special gifts for pampered pooches. Please visit to shop for custom leather dog collars, gourmet treats, Dog Apparel and more for your spoiled pooch.

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