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Dog Friendly Tips: What vaccinations should a dog have?

Most vets believe vaccinations have saved the lives of millions of dogs.

See your vet about which vaccinations your dog needs. Vaccinations may be different in different countries and areas.

Here are some diseases which dogs are vaccinated against:

Canine Distemper
Rabies (some countries)

Once your dog has had all their puppy shots, they do not need to be vaccinated annually - you cannot create "more" immunity by vaccinating repeatedly. It doesn't work that way. (However this is contradicted by other advice recommending booster vaccinations. Let your vet advise!)

Dogs' & cats' immune systems mature fully at 6 months. If a modified live virus (MLV) vaccine is given after 6 months of age, it produces an immunity which is good for the life of the pet (i.e. canine distemper, parvo, feline distemper).

Modified live virus vaccines (MLV) must replicate to stimulate the immune system. If another MLV vaccine is subsequently given, the antibodies from the first vaccine block the replication of the new virus. The actively acquired immunity in the first vaccine effectively neutralizes the antigens of second vaccine. Therefore there is little or no effect from a second vaccine.

Not only are annual boosters for parvo and distemper unnecessary, they subject the pet to the potential risk of adverse allergic reactions.

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