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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: What is Lyme Disease?

A type of bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, carried by the deer tick, causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease may cause serious dog health problems, such as lameness, enlarged lymph nodes, and an elevated temperature (103 degrees Fahrenheit). The joint pain can become quite extreme.

In severe cases, the bacteria can damage the kidneys and immune system. Antibiotics should be administered to eliminate this disease.

If you live in an area that has a high-risk level for contracting Lyme disease, you should vaccinate your dog as soon as possible. A typical schedule for high-risk dogs is a shot at 9-12 weeks of age, repeated in 3 weeks, and then annually for preventive dog health care.

Dog Friendly Article: 5 Reasons to Choose a Canine Treadmill Over the Human Kind for Your Dog's Exercise

We include our dogs as members of the family. My own dogs are allowed in the beds and on couches, so it's understandable that we'd want to extend that permission to other equipment like treadmills and give dogs their required exercise. But with their hair, drool, four legs and much longer stride, it's not the best idea for the dog or your equipment. Here's why:

Wear & Tear.

Dogs drool, shed and sometimes urinate while exercising. If you're using a human treadmill, hair and moisture will interfere with the motor, electronics and sensors. Canine treadmills are designed to withstand these deposits, protecting both the dog and the machine.

Gait, or Stride.

A treadmill needs to be the right length for your dog's natural stride. Very small dogs might be able to get away with using a human treadmill (if you don't mind all the other drawbacks), but most dogs need longer belts to maintain their natural gait. If your dog uses a treadmill with a running surface that is too short for his gait for a prolonged period of time, he can develop an awkward running stride or even an injury. Choosing the right size treadmill for your dog is essential.

Your Dog's Safety.

Treadmills for dogs have lots of safety features installed with dogs in mind. On human treadmills, end caps stick up and can cause paw injuries if the dog drifts that far forward, which is likely if belt isn't long enough for Fido's natural stride. There are no end caps on canine treadmills, and the running surface is low to the ground for the dog's easy on-off access. Dog treadmills have side enclosures that help to keep your dog focused and moving forward, and resist the temptation to jump off during training.


In addition to side rails, the speeds and inclines built into canine treadmills are designed just for dogs. Many models' side rails are removable, so you can use them to train your dog effectively, keeping Fido focused and centered until he is a pro at maneuvering on the treadmill. Dog treadmills provide ample room for you to stand either next to or in front of Fido as he gets used to running on a treadmill, holding a lead if necessary, without posts, bars and other unnecessary equipment getting in the way.

Portability Allows Supervision. Many dog treadmill models fold, and are therefore portable so your dog can run wherever you are. You should never let your dog run on a treadmill unsupervised. The folding features mean you can watch your dog anywhere in your home, or even on vacation, while you complete other tasks.

Using dog treadmills to give your best friend his needed exercise is a smart solution in a number of circumstances. As with any exercise program, its best to check with a vet before you get your dog running regularly. Treadmills provide a safe environment for dogs to exercise even on your busiest days and during the most extreme weather. Even if we humans have physical limitations, canine treadmills can provide just the right kind of exercise for your companion if the equipment is designed for all the things that make him adorable.

Kathleen Scott is a proud contributing author and the General Manager of Canine Treadmill Depot. Check out the dog treadmills, always offered with free shipping and a free training guide, at

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