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Dog Friendly Tips: Heartworm Vaccination problems

Use heartworm and flea preventatives. The treatments for heartworm can kill a dog so it is better 'prevented' than 'cured'.

If you are in a heartworm area, you should have your dog tested for it first as the regular preventative for heartworm can kill a dog if the dog is already infected. This is because the dead worms block the dog's heart valves.

If you are in a tick area, you need the preventative for Lyme disease.

Dog Friendly Artcle: Advice on Winter Dog Care

As wet as the past few months were, the next couple are set to be just as cold. Weather isn't getting any less extreme, it's just becoming extreme in other directions. Writing in February, we're already experiencing sub-zero temperatures across the country, and weather forecasts for the next two weeks and beyond predict temperatures to simply continue decreasing.

Much like humans, dogs are more susceptible to illness over winter, and they need to be well looked after. Since the month is set to become uncharacteristically cold it might be worth to remind yourself about the best ways to keep your dog safe over winter.

Get them Checked Up

You may not have noticed any symptoms yet, but existing conditions can quickly accelerate over the winter if you haven't taken precautions. Pop over to the vet to make sure your pet is healthy and happy before the cold sets in.

A Warm Place to Live

Ideally, you should be keeping your dog inside as much as possible. But at the very least it will need walking, and some dogs simply aren't suitable for inside the home. Be sure to properly insulate its house, coat the floor with wood shavings or straw.

Remember, if you ever notice your dog shivering, whether it's sleeping outside or just taking a walk, bring it inside immediately until you can better insulate it.


For short-haired dogs this is less of an issue, they have bad insulation so stick a warming coat on them. Long haired dogs will need regular grooming to avoid matted fur and grime. A clean dog is a better insulated dog.

At the very least be sure to dry your dog off whenever it becomes wet, as well as cleaning any snow from their paws. Many owners like to put a little petroleum jelly on there to avoid small cuts and cracks.

De-Icing safely

Salt is highly toxic to dogs, and many pets have been killed by swallowing paintballs, or drinking an excess of seawater. Unsurprisingly, de-icing salt is highly toxic for dogs, yet many will still seek it out and eat it if given the opportunity. Be sure not to use it yourself, and consider asking your neighbours if they intend on using it. There's no need to dissuade them, but having an idea of where salt will be can be a productive start.

And bear in mind that antifreeze is also poisonous. Unfortunately, the chemical sports a surprisingly sweet taste, and dogs won't hesitate to lap it up. There are safer alternatives out there to both anti-freeze and salt, though they can also be substantially more expensive. Just clean up spills, and make sure you know where these substances will be, so your pets can be made to avoid them.

Louise Fisher has been writing advice series from her experience with pets for years. Now a contributor to large-scale importer, Bonnington Plastics, she hopes to reach a wider audience than ever before.

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