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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 02

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: No feed before traveling

Pets who are skittish, new to travelling or don’t usually travel well shouldn’t be fed immediately before travelling, as this could cause them to be sick. Familiar blankets and toys could, however, help to comfort and de-stress your animals in lieu of treats or snacks.

Dog Friendly Article: Stop Chewing

Like babies, dogs get their sensual input from their mouths. However, if your 35-year old is still putting weird crap in their beaks, you might want to suggest a good psychiatrist. The point is that mutts get their willies from chewing on things.

The onus is on you to let your pet know what they can slobber all over and what is off-limits. Usually, they're just bored. It's not a malicious act of terror by a sleeper cell of al-Qaedogs.

Being Alone, Playing and Boredom:

That pup doesn't have a mean bone in its body unless you put it there. But playing around when they have nothing to do sometimes lead to outright destruction. Let's look at some of the reasons your best friend is turning your possessions into piles of junk:

Here We Are Now. Entertain Us.
Usually, they're just bored. It's not a malicious act of terror by a sleeper cell of al-Qaedogs.

What you smell is not teen spirit. It's the garbage can in the kitchen, on its side, with all the stinky stuff scattered through the house. You look at it as a pain in the patokis. The puppy thinks it's just a way to pass the time while you're out. They're just looking for some entertainment:

• Perhaps it's naturally active, especially if it's got hunting or herding skills in their blood.

• Cats away, mice will whatever, etc. How would you like to be locked-up all day without access to a car? There's no one to putz around with so the sofa's armrest looks like something to pass some time munching on.

• It's a puppy. There's a lot on energy that needs to be burned-off.

• You're a cheapskate and didn't shower the canine with toys.

Remember, this is your problem, not the dogs. And don't be stupid by scolding them after the fact. Unless you catch them in the act, as far as they're concerned, you're acting like an idiot. A couple of solutions are:

Buy some toys. Things that squeak, stuff that's round, rope-like playthings for a game of play tug-o-war.

• Every couple of weeks, bring home some new plaything. Dogs love fresh toys. Also, make sure you wash the old ones every once-in-a-while.

• Know what the dog can handle. Introducing a plaything that will get ripped to shreds in 9-minutes is a bad economical move on your part. Also, get stuff they won't swallow.

• Don't just take your dog outside to make a local deposit on the lawn of the neighbor you hate. Actually go for a walk. Let them lead as much as possible. If the dog is well-trained, it's not going to drag you around like a stuffed teddy bear.

• Speaking of training, enroll the animal into an obedience class. It helps stimulate that complicated brain they have.

• Live near a dog park? Are there any unused tennis courts nearby? Is your garden fenced-in?  Make it a regular habit to bond with your pup in an outside environment. It not only wears them down, but if it's a dog park, it will do wonders for their socialization skills.

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Jake Theron is an avid dog trainer and hunter who loves to give people his wisdom. He tends to spend most of his time nowadays either training his companions or fulfilling his need to spread his knowledge by writing for Versatile Dog Supply An Online supplier of Hunting Dog Equipment and garmin astro.

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