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Craig Y Nos Dog Friendly Wales Hotel - Jack's Swimming Pool

Dog Friendly Tips: Dogs and Holiday Treats: Be Extra Careful

Keep holiday treats and sweets out of your dog’s reach. Additionally, remember to move out of reach any wrapped gifts under your Christmas tree that may contain food items. Human food, especially in excess, can make your dog sick.

Chocolate, onions, raisins, and alcohol can be fatal to dogs! Only feed your dog Healthy Dog Treats.

Dog Friendly Article: Simple 3 Step Lead Training For Puppies

Training Puppies to Accept a Lead

When you first bring your puppy home, lea
d training is a top priority. Training your puppy to walk on a lead will help you to build strong habits from day one. There is a simple way to lead train a puppy with a little time and patience. Soon your puppy will be walking on a lead like a pro!

Step 1

The first step involves getting your puppy comfortable with his collar. Choose a collar that is lightweight and fits well, but isn't too tight. Put the collar on when he's playing or eating. This will provide some distraction from the collar, helping him to accept it. It's natural for puppies to try to scratch it off, but they'll settle down fairly quickly.

Once the puppy is happy with the collar, introduce the lea
d. This is the first step in lead training, showing the puppy that the lead is nothing to be scared of. Choose a lighter, thinner lead and then clip it onto his collar. Let it drag on the ground and let the puppy sniff it or walk around for a short period of time. This will encourage the dog to understand that the lead is not scary and is fine.

Supervise the puppy during this period to make sure that it doesn't get caught on anything or the puppy doesn't chew it.

Step 2

After this step, pick up the other end of the lea
d and start by walking around the house with the puppy walking with you. During this time, be sure to give the puppy plenty of praise, petting the dog periodically and maybe even giving some treats if the puppy seems reluctant to follow.

When he strains on the lea
d, stop immediately and coax him forward again, praising him as you go. Avoid yanking or pulling the puppy as this will set up bad habits and teach your puppy that the lead is a bad thing.

Chances are, your puppy will want to wander around and go farther than the lea
d allows. When this happens, keep your ground and let him test the boundaries, but don't pull him towards you. This will teach him how far he can go while on the lead and also demonstrate that he has to stay within certain limits.

When you first start teaching him about walking on a lea
d, he'll probably pull or fall behind. When this happens, stop and call him back or encourage him forwards. The good news is that most puppies learn how to walk on a lead very easily with just a few lessons.

Step 3

After you've leash-trained your puppy inside the house, take him on short walks outside and in the yard. This is a great way to introduce him to walking on a lea
d and being comfortable on it both inside and outside. After you've taken this step, you can rest assured that your new puppy will be a great dog on a lead.


If you use this simple 3 step method for lea
d training a new puppy then in just a few days she will have 'got' it! I know because it worked perfectly for my special pup, Fudge.

Frank's primary interest has always been obedience training his dogs. Whether sea or land loving dogs he has had the privilege of being their friend worldwide. This passion is still very close to his heart see

He has recently started training his new mate, a female apricot toy poodle named Fudge. Because these dogs do not shed and are small and agile, they are ideal for cruising yachts and motor homes.

Frank and his wife are currently plan
ning to do two road trips, one in New Zealand and the other a round trip of Australia. With an obedient Fudge by his side and all the sporting toys in the campervan it will not be long before the adventure begins.

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