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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 42

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Care Tips

Here are some dog care tips all canine lovers should be aware of. Dogs known for attributes like loyalty and faithfulness are almost every man’s first choice for pet. Pet dogs should be treated with great care and affection just like any other individual in your family. Unlike other pets, dogs can perform an additional function by taking up the job of a watchman. In fact, well trained pet dogs can even carry out tasks like helping his master to cross the road, getting the newspaper for his master or even protecting his master from any imminent danger.

So, to make your dear dog believe that you love and care for him here are some good dog care tips:

Some Dog Care Tips

Dogs should always wear a collar. A tag with the name of the dog, the owners name and address should be attached to the collar.

If you have a swimming pool make sure to train your puppy not to go near the pool.

If there is an exit on to the road, train your dog not to cross the threshold.

Your dog will need plenty of attention to make him closer to you. If your dog is of a big size devote time to increase the sense of attachment between you and your pet, to avoid abnormal behaviours developing.

Take effective steps to save your dog from fleas. Avoid flea collars as they can be dangerous.

Know all the vaccinations that are necessary for your dog.

Visit the veterinary clinic for routine check ups.

Give your dog food made up of pure ingredients.

Choose the right dog food item that has a balanced combination of nutrients, vitamins, protein, minerals and the right amounts of calories. Some dog’s food packets have excess nutrients and calories that can cause harm over time. Alternate the makes of dog food you use to avoid imbalances.

The amount of nutrition to be taken by a dog depends on the age, the breed and the level of activities carried out by your dog. Be particular about the nutritious diet you should be giving to your dog.

Dogs are more susceptible to heat than we are. During the summer provide your dog with a cool resting place and do not force your dog to run or walk with you or to exercise in case your dog is not willing to do so.

Give your dog plenty of water to drink. If you find your dog is restless due to heat, contact a vet as heatstroke for dogs can be life threatening.

Spay/ neuter your dog. It is beneficial for the health of the dog. He/she'll be less restless, less aggressive as well as less susceptible to diseases like prostrate cancer and development of tumours related to hormonal activities.

Get your male dog neutered when he reaches the age of 5 to 6 months.

A female dog if neutered will not have to bear the emotional turmoil and the bleeding that takes place in every three months. The scent of a female when in heat may attract male dogs from miles away. They might gather near her and may even fight among themselves.

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