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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Bones

Something to gnaw on provides hours of pleasure and activity. Recreational raw bones are an excellent treat for dogs. Raw beef marrow bones (femurs) will delight most dogs and help maintain clean, white teeth.

Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs. The molecular structure is altered when bones are cooked and they cannot be properly processed by the body. They can splinter and break causing potentially serious health risks to your dog.

Dog Friendly Article: Tips for Training Your New Rescue Dog

Being rehomed is stressful for a rescue dog and it's important that you give him or her plenty of time to adapt to their new home. Only when your dog has got past the initial stress of new surroundings and meeting new people will he start to settle in and you can gauge how much training or retraining he will need.

In order to successfully train and communicate with any dog you need to establish a really good bond. In the early stages of rehoming a dog the most important thing to concentrate on is earning your dog's trust through positive and rewarding experiences.

A rescue dog's rehabilitation is always best done gradually. Rushing off to training classes the moment you get your new dog home will put them under additional stress. The main priority in the first few days is to set up a stable routine for your dog.

Playing with toys can be a fun way to build the bond with your dog but not all rescue dogs will have previously learned how to play with dog toys so give it time. Food rewards are a great way to start to build a bond with your dog and improve their behaviour.

For example, if you have a very timid rescue dog set aside his food allowance for the whole day and give him a small piece every time he chooses to approach you or other people of his own accord. One of the biggest mistakes owners make with a nervous dog is to stare at them and pressurise them to interact by invading their space. Always let a nervous dog come to you on their own terms and reward them for showing confidence.

Totally ignore unwanted behaviour in your new dog and reward them effusively and consistently when they do the right thing. If your dog has poor housetraining then reward him with a delicious treat every single time he goes to the toilet in the right place - outside.

The early phases of training a rescue dog can be disheartening and frustrating. Being realistic with your training goals and focusing on building your dog's affection and trust will place less pressure on you and your dog. Only once you have secured your dog's focus and attention can you move on to more formal training. After all, once you and your dog get to know each other properly and become best buddies you can enjoy a lifetime of fun and training together.

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