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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Removal of Paint

Most of us are aware of the dangers of lead in oil-based paints. Since some of these oil-based paint pigments are poisonous they should be removed immediately.

If your dog comes home with still wet oil-based paint on its coat, turpentine will remove it, if plenty is used without allowing too much to come in contact with the animal's skin.

The turpentine must be removed by thorough washing with soap and water after each application.

If the oil-based paint is dry, first try to dissolve it. And if your dog's skin is especially tender, use linseed oil.

When you have diluted the paint greatly, wash it and the oil out with soap and water.

You may, however, have to cut the paint out with scissors as a last resort, even though this may make the dog look less attractive for a while.

Of course, water-based paints can be removed by washing with water.

Dog Friendly Article: A Crate Training Schedule For Your Dog

Crate Training Made Easy
Crate training is a great way to encourage your new puppy or full-grown dog to have a place to stay when you're gone or a place to sleep at night. In order to successfully crate train your dog, you should follow these steps to build a schedule over just a few days.

Sniff Around
Start training your dog the night before you actually introduce them to the crate. Leave the door of the crate wide open and toss a few treats inside. This will encourage your dog to explore the area. When it's time to feed your pup dinner, put the food bowl inside the crate, towards the back, so he has to go inside to eat. This will start to teach your dog that the crate is a happy, safe place.

Time To Get Serious
The next morning, get together some treats and get started! You can teach your dog a command to go inside the crate by saying "Go to bed" and then toss a treat inside the crate. After your pup goes inside to retrieve the snack, praise him for going inside.

Be Encouraging
Later that day, use the command to encourage your dog to go inside the crate and then give the treat. It can help to make a gesturing motion towards the crate and also to sit or stand next to the crate if the dog is apprehensive about going inside.

Lock Up Time
Finally, it's time to close the door. After encouraging the dog to go inside the crate, close the door and then feed a few treats though the closed door. Offer praise and encouragement to help your dog understand that the crate is a good thing. If your dog seems fairly comfortable being inside the crate with the door closed, pick up a book and sit nearby, allowing the dog to stay inside the crate while you're in the room. This is a great way to introduce your dog to spending time in the crate.

Be sure that there are toys or blankets inside to make your pup feel comfortable and not be too bored. This first session should last for about an hour, although try to be sensitive to your dogs moods. You may need to decrease the time if he starts whining or barking.

On Its' Own
Finally, it's time to leave the house! Encourage your dog to go inside the crate with a few treats and then close the door securely. If your dog is still insecure, be sure to offer some praise, but then leave the house. Although you can spend time outside if worried, it's best to leave the house entirely and run errands or be gone for a few hours. This is a great way for your dog to get used to spending a few hours alone. Some barking is normal, so don't be worried if your dog seems a little insecure at first.

After following this schedule, you should start putting your dog in the crate at night or while you're gone for longer periods of time. Try to avoid having your dog spend more than a few hours in the crate during the day as this is the best time for them to get some exercise.

Use these five steps to get your puppy or dog onto a crate schedule. This is a great asset if you need to make sure your dog is safe at night or while you're out of the house.

Franks primary interest has always been obedience training his dogs. Whether sea or land loving dogs he has had the privilege of being their friend worldwide. This passion is still very close to his heart see

He has recently started training his new mate, a female apricot toy poodle named Fudge. Because these dogs do not shed and are small and agile, they are ideal for cruising yachts and motor homes. Frank and his wife are currently planning to do two road trips, one of New Zealand and the other a round trip of Australia. With obedient Fudge by his side and all the sporting toys in the campervan it will not be long before the adventure begins.

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