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Dog Friendly Tips: Driving with your Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend, but they sure can be difficult to drive with. A rowdy dog can take your attention away from the road. Dog travel safety is very important. Learning about dog travel safety will make you traveling experience safer and better. Here are some great tips on how to drive safely with your dog.

You should use a safety harness or a secured carrier. Scared dogs are very unpredictable. Your scared dog might come running into your lap or even under your feet. If you are in a car accident, an unsecured dog will be projected from his seat. You can find pet harnesses at pet retail stores. It helps to make sure your best dog friend is used to the harness before using it in a car.

If you know you will be driving for a long time, bring water. Your puppy will get thirsty. Water will keep your dog hydrated and cool.

It also helps to feed your dog a couple hours before you drive. Dogs are susceptible to motion sickness too. Do not feed your dog while driving. This is a choking hazard. If it is going to be an especially long drive, make sure your dog gets bathroom breaks too. It also helps to take them on small walks. They will be less fidgety on the car.

Do not leave your dog alone in the car. The inside of a car can heat up pretty quickly. This can be quite uncomfortable to your loyal animal friend. If you must leave, leave the air conditioning on for your furry friend.

Make sure your dog's ID tags are up to date. This will protect your dog in the case he or she gets lost. It is helpful to also bring vaccination records or health documents. Certain states require proof of vaccination at interstate crossings. These documents will also help in case your furry friend gets ill.

It can also be helpful to use rubber floor liners or seat covers. This will keep your car cleaner.

Don't forget about your best furry friend's safety! If your dog is safely secured and taken care of, you will be able to focus on driving safely. Keeping your dog safe will ease your mind. Our favorite furry friends deserve to be loved and cared for. Follow these safety tips and you'll be able to drive safely and comfortably with your best friend.

The Law Offices of Dara Khavaji hopes that these tips were helpful. Our Orange County car accident lawyers are always ready to help you.

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