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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 01

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Dog Friendly Wales Mountain Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Name tags

When going on holiday it is a good idea to use a temporary name & address tag in case you lose your dog. Bearing in mind that you will not be at home, who would someone ring if they found your dog?

Include details of the address of your holiday accommodation and, if appropriate, the telephone number – if you have a mobile phone then that number could also be included. Note however that in many areas of Wales, in the mountains at least, and at the Castle, there is no mobile phone signal.

The castle can supply sticky name and address labels which you can fix on to a collar using plenty of sellotape sufficient to last a few days stay.

Dog Friendly Article: How To Save Your Dog's Life With 2 Word Commands

There are 2 important words to teach your dog that will save your precious dog's life. So who needs to be trained - you or the dog? Are you coachable? We first have to teach you so you can teach your dog.

So, here is one of the most important questions that hopefully will change your perspective in working, raising and teaching your dog. Would you beg, cajole, persuade and coax your child to come to you when you call them? Of course you wouldn't! If you called your child to the kitchen and he didn't come, there would be a consequence. If he did come the first time you called him you would praise your child and so it should be with your dog.

I will guarantee you this; when you teach your children to come to you immediately this could save their life. And so it is with your precious dog.

So here today is the decision you must make. Are you going to train your dog or is your dog going to train you? I guarantee you this, if you do not train your dog, he will definitely train you and that's a fact. Dogs like babies are incredibly smart. Babies may not speak, however often they will out smart you.

So here are the 2 magic words. "Gracie COME", "Churchill COME", or "Indigo COME". The dog's name will grab your puppy's attention and then you give the command "COME". High-pitched sweet tones are saved for praise, not for calling your dog. To use your high-pitched sweet tone to call your dog is to coax, persuade and cajole your dog to comply. And this is not what you want.

Your dog will train you if you do not take time to train him. So, you dog's first lesson to learn is to come on command, immediately, quickly, and with only 1 command, not repeated begging and coaxing.

1. Discover what your dog absolutely loves, is it cheese, homemade fresh boiled liver bits, hot dogs, or an expensive store bought treat like Canine Carry Outs beef flavored.

2. Find a place that is quiet, contained, and with no distractions. A small bedroom, bathroom or laundry room would work well.

3. Place you 6 week or older puppy in front of you and get his attention with the "treat". Give him a tiny piece so small that he can
eat it within 3 seconds with one chew. The size of the treat is extremely important. This is not dinner time and you do not want him to get full or lose interest.

4. Now with your puppy in front of you call him with the command "his name COME" for example, Indigo COME, Churchill COME or Chelsi COME. Then when he complies with looking your way praise him and give him the treat.

5. Then place him 4 inches away, then a foot, then two feet and when your puppy comes with one command of Chelsi COME then praise him and give him a treat.

6. Your training session should only be 10 minutes long.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 for 7 days. Then increase the distance and repeat steps 1-6 for 7 days, then continue daily with this practice.

Training you dog to "Come" on command will save your dog's life. Invest your time into learning how to train, teach and manage your dog. When you do this, your dog will be happy and so will you. Take the 7 simple steps to save your dog's life.

Barbara Williams, Zurilgen Kennels of Miniature Schnauzers of Northern California, Breeder, Coach and Trainer,,',, 209-233-1929 209-722-0070

My name is Barbara Williams. I am a small breeder of Miniature Schnauzers. I believe in early puppyhood development and obedience training. Zurilgen Kennels provide top quality AKC registered puppies. I am an obedience trainer and coach for hire.

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