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Dog Friendly Tips: Training Aggressive Dogs

Nobody wants to find themselves the owner of a dog with behavior problems, but unfortunately it sometimes happens. Aggression in dogs can be caused by poor breeding and a lack of socialization early on. The most important thing you can do in training aggressive dogs is to start early, as soon as you recognize unwanted behavior in your puppy. And, if you have adopted an adult dog, training should be a top priority to avoid situations that may result in medical or legal actions.

At what age you start training aggressive dogs?

A lot of times owners fail to notice dominant behavior in their very young puppies. They may assume that the growling an infant dog shows at meal time or playtime is funny. In fact, you can find videos on the internet with a simple search showing just that. However, the truth is not so funny. Most baby dogs who growl and show aggression grow up to be adult dogs with serious behavioral issues and training aggressive dogs that already have violent tendencies ingrained in their mindset are incredibly hard to change.

You should begin training aggressive dogs as soon as possible, implementing rules and behavior expectations they will need to follow for the remainder of their lives.

The different types of aggressive behavior a dog may show can manifest in various ways. They include:

• Fear - Some animals are born fearful and will develop a personality of attack or be attacked. These are also the dogs that show aggression born out of poor socializing.

• Dominance - It's not just wolves that are pack oriented. All dogs view the people in their home as a pack and if they are not definitively shown where they fit in the pack order, they will assume the role of pack leader themselves. This is not an ideal situation for anyone, no matter how small and cute the dog may be.

• Territorialism - These are the dogs that bark, snarl, and charge at anyone who comes near their perceived territory. These dogs make excellent guard dogs, but only if they have been shown the difference between guarding and acceptable social behavior.

• Predatory - Training aggressive dogs that are born with deep prey instincts, is essential to preventing a future attack on small children and other small animals. These dogs, often breeds that are descended from herders, if left untrained, tend to see anything that moves fast as prey, and go after it.

Training aggressive dogs as soon as you are able will work wonders in establishing the rules that will mean a happy life for both you and your animal, but requires reinforcement along the way. Once you know you have a dominant animal that is prone to unwanted behaviors, you can never grow lax about allowing such behaviors to happen. Finding the right program for training aggressive dogs will help you establish all the boundaries your dog needs to understand his place in the family and in the world around him while still feeling secure and at ease.

Investing in a great program for your family's treasured pet will insure that the years you spend together are happy for all of you. offers information regarding training aggressive dogs. For more on dog training, please visit us at

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