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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Pregnancy in Dogs

A bitch may become pregnant and then resorb her fetus. Apparently this is a not uncommon phenomenon.

Unless the litter is small, after thirty-five days there will be sufficient distension of the abdomen that the pregnancy will be obvious.

The time from fertilization of the ova until birth is sixty-three days. The day before the bitch whelps, her temperature usually drops one degree or thereabouts. Her actions, too, indicate that she is soon to whelp. She becomes restless, somewhat apprehensive, makes a nest or seems to be searching for a place to make one, often stops eating.

The pre labor period may present a confusing set of signs to the inexperienced owner. All too often, due to hormonal changes, the prospective mother becomes restless, refuses food, and scratches a rug or the cushions of an overstuffed piece of furniture.

Anticipating an imminent delivery, the humans involved may spend three or four sleepless days and nights during their wait. A vet should be contacted if a puppy has not been delivered in two hours from the onset of true labour, although some suggest three hours.

Early Signs of Dog Pregnancy

Though not common in all dogs but it is seen that often dogs eat less during the first few weeks of their pregnancy; the time of the initial gestation of the fetus.

You bitch may feel exhausted and run out of energy. You may find your bitch to be moving less as most of the hormones are being used for the development of the embryo.

A very significant sign of pregnancy of your dog is the development of nipples. Generally a bitch has small nipples and a flat area below it. During pregnancy you will find the nipples are gradually growing in size with a swollen area below it.

You will see a change in behavior as well. Either she will want more affection from her owner or the opposite, she will prefer to be left alone.

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