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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 35

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Training a dog to sit

On a cold, wet day walk the dog on a lawn and give the command "sit" and gently push its hindquarters down until it is sitting. Then walk the dog a dozen feet or so and repeat the performance. Do this for almost an hour until suddenly it obeys instantly and willingly. For the rest of its life, every time you give the command, the dog will readily sit.

Dogs avoid sitting on wet surfaces, but by training a dog to sit on wet grass it will thereafter sit down anywhere anytime it is given the command. Of course, there needs to be a reward associated with this training and for the dog to see how pleased you are. Most dogs try for a favourable reaction from a person they like.

Dog Friendly Article: Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Training Your Puppy

Buying or adopting a new puppy or dog means more than just having a furry companion to entertain you; it's a commitment that can lead to a loving and loyal relationship that you will cherish for the years to come. As such, it's only sensible to treat your beloved pet as you would your human companions: feed them nutritious meals, stimulate their minds and senses with toys and activities, and lastly, enrol them in training classes. Training your puppy or older dog is beneficial in many ways, and listed below are the top five reasons why you should consider it for your furry companion:

Training your puppy gives owners insight into dog behaviour. Dogs possess behaviours that are unique to their species. Many habits which are considered bad behaviour, such as digging, may actually be due to issues that owners cannot easily fathom, such as boredom or anxiety. It's important to know about these and understand their motivations so that owners can deal with them without resorting to harmful or fear-inducing methods.

A professional trainer can help you learn more about your own dog's temperament and personality, and also give you valuable insight on how your family's dynamics can influence these. By taking all these factors into consideration, they can then help you formulate the best ways to deal with behaviour issues that may arise later on.

Well-behaved dogs are safer and easier to handle. It's important for dog owners to remember that they are not the only ones who will interact with their dogs. They will also encounter the veterinarian, the grooming specialist, friends, your own children and people they meet along the way. It's best to teach them good behaviour to ensure everyone's safety.

Trained dogs are a source of pride. You can join dog contests and maybe even win a few if your dog is trained. For owners who are not interested in entering such competitions, a trained dog can still be a source of pride: you can give yourself a mental pat on the back whenever your pet successfully pulls off a trick or when he's the only well-behaved dog at the public park. Got an old dog and you think that old dogs can't learn new tricks? Think again: you can still become a proud dog owner by enrolling your pooch in adult dog training classes.

Build a satisfying life-long relationship for both dog and owner. Professional dog trainer Chantal Karyta shares that most dogs abandoned in shelters are left there because of bad behaviour. This can be easily prevented by adequate training, which not only ensures good behaviour in dogs, but also better understanding of an owner's roles and responsibilities towards their animal companions.


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