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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 36

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Who's the boss?

With the reward method a dog is never disciplined but rewarded only when it responds to your satisfaction. A reward may be offered either as affection or food; when the latter is given as a treat now and then, the dog accepts it as a form of affection.

"I feed and walk our dog. I bathe and comb it and spend most everyday with it but it likes my husband better than me. Why?" The obvious answer must be that the husband disciplines the pet. The person who makes the dog toe the line is its master.

Dog Friendly Article: Small Children and Small Dogs Are Not a Good Recipe For a Happy Home

There is no intent to belittle small children or small dog breeds. Nor do I contend that there are not exceptions. This is however worthwhile information that should be considered by anyone who is planning on getting a dog and have either small children of their own or who have small children who visit.

For the purpose of this article I am classifying small children as what we might refer to as toddlers, maybe under 8 years old. There are children older than this age that can be considered in this group as well as children that are younger that are not. Every parent knows his or her children best.

When I refer to small dogs I mean small breeds not puppies. These would be the dogs that even as adults weigh less than 15 pounds. Again as with children there are exceptions. There are larger dogs that will nip a child if provoked and there are also smaller dogs that would not. The smaller breeds are more prone to this behavior. It is always best to ascertain a dog's temperament in this situation before committing to it.

Small children are a joy to have around but they have inherent idiosyncrasies which can make them very annoying to small dog breeds. Children tend to be inquisitive and may want to examine a dog or simple get in the dogs space. Either of these actions can quickly become more than the dog will tolerate. Children also make quick movements and with very young children these movements can be uncoordinated. Unexpected movements can frighten a dog and it may respond with an unexpected reaction. Children can also be loud and this too can excite a dog. Lastly children have an overabundance of energy which at some point will become too much for almost any dog.

The majority of small dog breeds have for the most part been bred to be small. Each breed has distinguishable traits for which they were bred. These very desirable traits have drawbacks or side effects. Most obvious trait is their size. Being physically small's side effect is that the dog is less noticeable to others and gets stepped on inadvertently. This makes the dog wary of unexpected contact and even movements. A small dog's common reaction is to nip or bite the object that made contact. The other side effect in small dogs is attitude. They are bred to have attitude to stand their ground. They will defend their space or territory even when it isn't. All dogs love to play. When they decide they are tired they may lie down or just quit the activity. They expect this to be understood and left alone.

Given their inherent idiosyncrasies and traits it is no wonder the times that a small child gets nipped or bit
ten by a small dog. Now that you have been made aware of them you can make a more educated evaluation on the size of your next dog for everyone's good. Please consider not only children but dogs are living beings. In the not too distant past a parent would warn their child not to give a dog unsolicited attention or suffer the consequences. In today's politically correct society all too often it is the dog who is expected to know better or suffer the consequences.

Dennis Terens is the owner of Dennis knows the importance of chosing the right pet for every situation. He feels your pets should be treated like living beings and recognized as having individual needs. He hopes that you have found this article informative and of assistance.

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