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Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Vitamins

Another class of essential elements in food is vitamins. Too many people drew rash conclusions from the scanty information available to them. We need a great many more facts before we can speak with the confidence many adopted some years ago. New vitamins are being tested daily, and our knowledge will be incomplete and inconclusive for a while to come.

The definition of a vitamin is: one of a class of substances, existing in minute quantities in natural foods, necessary for normal nutrition and growth, whose absence produces dietary diseases.

Some vitamins can be produced synthetically. Some are soluble in fat and are found only in foods containing appreciable amounts of fat. Others are water soluble. Some are destroyed by heat, some by rancidity, some by age.

Vitamins are necessary only in minute quantities. With a few exceptions, all the essential vitamins are present in a normal diet.

What is sure about the information we have now is that it seems certain that our dogs can get all the vitamins they need if their diets contain yeast, fresh alfalfa-leaf meal, and some form of vitamin D. This may be fish liver oil, in tiny amounts, irradiated yeast, and so forth.

Dog Friendly Article: 4 Ways To Stop Those Pug Behavior Issues From Becoming A Problem

Pug behavior issues are no different from issues that will affect any type of dog and as with any other breed you need to make sure that you tackle the issue before it does indeed become a problem. Tackling these issues will be easier when you just get them as they are more open to suggestions and you should find that the four points that follow will help make a difference when trying to train them not to be a nuisance.

1. Be Patient With Them

Your pug is not going to understand what they are doing wrong the first time you tell them off, so it is going to take some time to train them to act differently and patience really is a virtue. Do not show them that you are frustrated with them not understanding what is going on as this can make them nervous and harder to train them. Instead, make sure you are consistent in your commands and they will begin to associate certain behavior with you being happy and certain behavior with you being sad and they hate to disappoint their owners.

2. Interrupt Bad Behavior, Then Reward for Good

In order to get them to stop barking, begging, or any other type of bad behavior you must make sure that you interrupt it and then when they stop doing it you reward them for doing the correct thing on command. A pug is very intelligent so it will start to associate the command with some kind of reward, but make sure you do not always use food or they will do the bad behavior every time they feel like a snack. Instead, reward them with love and praise as they enjoy making you happy whenever they can.

3. Train as Early as Possible

You should always try to train them when they are a puppy, but if you get an older pug, then you can still teach a mature dog new tricks, however, you need to start as soon as you get them. The first month or so is vitally important as they will be in the process of settling in and this is the perfect time to teach them what you expect from them and this will then stay in their mind for the rest of their life. It will involve you following them and giving them your full attention for the first few weeks, but it is worth it when you then have a loving relationship with them for the rest of their life.

4. Understand Why They Are Acting That Way

Most times a pug is acting in a certain way in order to draw your attention to something. Are they barking to let you know something is wrong? Are they being destructive because they are lonely or bored? Are they biting or nipping you because they are too excited or anxious? These are things you need to consider because before you train them to do something else you need to understand why they are doing it because you must remember that this may be the only way they can communicate with you, so do not immediately strike it off as bad behavior until you know what is going on.

Pug behavior issues are, therefore, no different from any other breed and you have to deal with them in the same way as you would with any other dog. How you treat an issue depends on what they are doing at the time, but as long as you work hard with them from the outset you can look forward to having a fantastic and loving companion for many years to come.

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