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Craig Y Nos - Dog Friendly Castle Hotel - The Lower Gardens

Dog Friendly Tips: Long Life for dogs

Our pets are living longer than ever thanks to advances in veterinary medicine. As our dogs age, they face a variety of conditions that can adversely affect their health during these golden years.

Some of the conditions that commonly affect senior dogs include diabetes, kidney and liver disease, tumours and cancer, arthritis and other joint pain, obesity and thyroid conditions, as well as dental disorders. It is important to review your senior dog's health regularly and take appropriate steps to ensure proper care.

Preventative measures can keep many senior dog health ailments at bay. A holistic-centered approach that includes nutrition (a diet low on sugars and carbohydrates), vitamin and mineral supplementation, and an appropriate exercise regime plus regular routine veterinary care are all important when creating a senior health care plan for your dog.

Dog Friendly Article: All You Need To Know About Dog Obedience And Training

Dogs have proven to be quite resourceful in every aspect of our lives. We all at some point think of buying or adopting a dog. In as much as our reasons might be different for owning one, the bottom line is that we all appreciate the role dogs play in our lives. Buying a dog is one thing and taking care of it another thing. When planning to get a dog for your kids at home, you need to consider the sex of the dog, the preferences of your kids as well as the costs associated with keeping it. One of the things that people forget about when buying a dog for their kids is training.
Training your dog can be a rewarding undertaking if done in the correct way.

However, it's good to understand that dogs are independent beings. What this essentially means is that making them conform to our wishes every now and then can be a herculean task. This is probably the reason why training of your dog is of paramount importance. Having a dog that consistently annoys visitors or is unruly can be quite heartbreaking. You therefore need to ensure that your dog embraces obedience and that it does not scare away friends and the public.

In order to ensure that your dog becomes obedient, you need to start training it from an early age. Training imparts skills and behaviors on a dog that might prove essential in the future. Some of the things that you need to train your dog in are:

• How to attend to the call of nature at the prescribed place
• How to behave when visitors are around
• How to respond to certain sounds and gestures
• How to guard property
• How to socialize

This training is essential in the sense that it enables your dog to behave and carry itself in an upright manner. Training your dog not to be bringing dirt or foreign objects into the home is of paramount importance. It ensures that the house is clean and considerably reduces the risk of getting flu or other kinds of diseases.

Training your dog requires that you adopt the most effective method. The most effective method should be one that brings out positive results in the soonest time possible. The training method settled on should be one that effectively moderates the behavio
ur of a dog makes it compliant to what you expect of it.

Contrary to popular belief, obedience from a dog is something that is achievable provided that a person uses the right mode of training. All of us yearn for a dog that is obedient and likeable. Unruly dogs or dogs that are a nuisance are quite difficult to keep. They not only scare visitors away but also make the life of one's kids a living hell. It's therefore instructive to invest in having your dog receive proper training in obedience. This is the best way through which you can harmoniously co-exist with your neighbo
urs and ensure that your kids' safety at home is assured.

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