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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 16

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Easily Lost in Winter

In the winter, dogs can lose their scent if they become lost or disoriented in a snow storm or in freezing conditions. More dogs are lost in the winter than in any other season. Of course, all pets should wear a Dog Collar (with your phone number written inside) and up-to-date Dog address and phone number collar tabs year round.

Dod Friendly Article:
The Ultimate House Training Guide: A Review

When you bring a new dog into your home, then there are clearly a number of issues that have to be tackled in order to help them really settle in. One area of concern has to be house training them, but the good news is that there is help out there in the form of a book called The Ultimate House Training Guide, but is it any good and is it worth buying?

What is The Book?

To work out if this is worth purchasing it makes perfect sense to first of all see what it involves and straight away you will notice that it is quite a comprehensive guide to house training your dog and making the process as stress free as possible. Anybody that has ever owned one will know that this can be quite a challenging time for the owner, so anything that can potentially help should clearly be welcomed with open arms.

This in itself raises an issue because a simple search online will throw up all kinds of snippets of information and websites that claim they can help you with this very issue and there is no doubt that if you look hard enough you will find people with no real authority claiming that they know the secrets to house training a dog. The problem with this is that you then start to wonder what is helpful and what is useless, but thankfully this guide falls into the helpful category for reasons that will now be explained.

Why This Guide is Different

The main reason why this guide is different is that it does cover every aspect of house training and the fact it is all together in the one place just makes it easier to follow what it says and to believe everything that the guide is telling you. It does also help that the book is written in a friendly way whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that all of the information is coming from a respected expert.

As you read through the guide it also becomes apparent that there are no marketing ploys trying to entice you into buying other things to help with the house training and everything appears to pretty much be common sense without feeling that they are lecturing you on what you should go and do. Overall, it is a refreshing read and of course you can go back to various chapters should you be having problems and just refresh your mind as to what you should do in order to deal with an issue.

What is In It?

First, the book talks about your own role in all of this and what you need in order to actually house train your dog with it focusing on how you can avoid losing your temper when things start to go wrong. After this, it gets right into the training itself with a section dedicated to pups and another one to older dogs and it is certainly a good idea to split them up with each section then looking at the three main ways to train them with these being crate, paper, and a direct method.

The book then moves on to dealing with common problems such as them marking their territory and the best part of it all is that it actually has case studied to check out and these do make it that bit easier to understand the training methods. It then carries on to look at health related issues including diseases they may have that is making life harder and even how to stop them marking your lawn and this shows how it really does cover absolutely everything.

Last of all it has a top ten tips section and this is basically a recap of some of the main things that have been covered and it is just useful to have things together so you can browse through it when required.

All of this sounds like it could be quite involved, but in actual fact it is structured in a way that you do not feel swamped with information and you are not hit with terms that will just confuse you. You are helped by the illustrations in the book as well as the case studies so overall it feels like a useful guide and not a school book.

The Conclusion

Overall you will be quite happy with the amount of knowledge that is in The Ultimate House Training Guide and the fact that you are given a free consultation with the Kingdom of Pets team should you run into problems is a rather useful bonus. The author makes everything seem so simple due to the structure of the book and the way that he uses examples, has checklists for you, a list of things you should do and things you should avoid, and it also mentions training products that may be useful for some people.

Even if you feel that you know everything about house training, do yourself a favor and invest in this book as you will quickly learn that you knew less than you thought.

To read my full review please visit The Ultimate House Training Guide by Martin Olliver.
Or visit Pug House Training for more information regarding dog training specifically for Pug breed

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