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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 14

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Foreign Bodies in Stomach

If you do not actually see a dog eat a foreign object, you can never be sure the dog does have it in its stomach.You may have seen the dog eat gravel or sand, or chew on an old toy. But circumstantial evidence is usually all that is necessary. If a small item the dog was playing with is missing and the dog begins to show evidence of stomach pain, take quick action.

If your dog shows some evidence of stomach pain, and you suspect something has recently been swallowed, act at once. For a twenty-pound dog, mix two ounces of peroxide with two ounces of water and pour it down the dog's throat. Use more if it is a large dog.

If vomiting does not occur very soon repeat the dose. When it begins, lift the dog by the back legs so that its forepaws are touching the ground and its head is down. In almost every case the foreign body will be regurgitated the first time.

You may be surprised sometime to pick up your dog and hear stones rattling together in its stomach. Don't be too astonished, for this is a fairly common occurrence and it shouldn't worry you very much. Stones can usually he recovered with the peroxide treatment.

Remedies of this sort for the removal of foreign bodies are properly classified as first aid. More difficult cases should be left to the vets. With Xrays the vet can locate any of the hundreds of dangerous objects a dog may have swallowed.

Jack has on one occasion eaten the string or rope from a large joint of meat used at Craig y Nos Castle. It eventually passed harmlessly through the intestine and out again. However in many cases swallowing string or rope can be very dangerous, getting stuck in the intestines and causing blockages and internal injury. An operation is then needed to remove it.

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