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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 15

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Something Stuck in Bottom

If your dog squats, strains, cries, and possibly exudes a little blood from its anus, it is possible that it has a foreign body in the rectum.

Not infrequently the stoppage is caused by sharp bone splinters, which were not properly softened and digested in its stomach. Poultry, pork, and lamb bones are the most likely to cause such difficulties. Since any movement of the sharp bones is extremely painful, the dog refrains from defaecating. In time the faecal material piles up behind them and soon a solid, dry mass with sharp bones sticking out of it precludes all passage.

First aid consists of enemas to soften the mass, though they often are not sufficiently effective to allow passage of the material.

Humane considerations indicate a prompt visit to the vets, who will probably first soften the mass and then gently reach in with an instrument and crush it into small particles. Occasionally an oily enema is sufficiently lubricating to permit the stool to be passed without great difficulty or pain.

In difficult cases the vet may have to pull out the sharp pieces with instruments to avoid lacerating the rectal area.

Needles are frequently found in the rectums of dogs. A thread hang-in from the anus is a good indication of the cause of the pain. If the needle is just inside and can be felt, this job is best left to the vet, who will use anaesthesia and a speculum to see clearly what he or she is doing.

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