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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park 45

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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Dry Coughs

Respiratory infections usually occur in dogs when they are around a large number of other dogs, such as when they are boarded in kennels. Exposure to dust, mould, pollution, and smoke can also affect the dog's respiratory functions.

A persistent dry cough and fever could indicate an infection and a veterinarian should be contacted.

Respiratory infection medications include cephalexin and doxycycline.

Dog Friendly Article: How You Can Make Sure Your Dog Gets Adequate Activity In Dog Exercise Areas

When taking your pet along with you to dog exercise areas, you may find that your dog has a lot of fun, but isn't getting the exercise that he or she actually needs. The combination of new scents can be distracting enough by themselves, but then your dog starts wandering from shrub to lamp post, stopping everywhere in between to add his own message to the variety of scents he is confronted with. Preventing your dog from becoming distracted can be a real challenge, but with a little encouragement and effort on your part, it can be overcome.

You have taken your dog to the dog park to give him an opportunity to exercise. You want him to run and play, to burn off some energy before he can invest it in chewing shoes or munching on your
sofa. In order to make the most out of dog parks, you need to make sure that your dog is actually getting the exercise you want them to have whilst there. If he spends the whole trip sniffing around a particular area of the park, you will most likely end up with a dog that is more energetic and hyper than when you entered the park in the first place.

The trick is if you want your dog to exercise, you will have to exercise as well. Instead of allowing your dog to spend all of his time sniffing or standing around, join in the fun by encouraging your dog to run and play. Many dog exercise areas don't allow outside toys to be brought in, as a way of keeping fights to a minimum. However, getting your dog to exercise can be as simple as getting him excited and running a few paces yourself. Try your best to keep your pet energized and excited about playing with both you and the other dogs in the area.

If the distractions in your dog exercise area continue to prove to be too attractive, consider moving your dog to a different section of the park. Put a leash on your dog if you need to and take him away. Go to an area with fewer obstacles and encourage play in this location instead. Keep at it, and you will eventually get your dog to run off some of that excess energy in the park.

If you absolutely can't get your dog to engage in play, consider taking her to make friends with other dogs who are playing. Sometimes, having other dogs already engaged in play can be that final boost that your four-legged friend needs in order to realise this is a place to run, not to sniff. With a little encouragement, these tips will have your dog ready to go back home for a long nap in no time at all.

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