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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Skin Problems in Dogs instead of colds

One of the most common complaints in dogs is irritated skin, which could be due to an allergic reaction or a skin infection.

Dogs react to allergens in a different way than humans; instead of nasal symptoms, dogs react with skin problems.

Pollen, dust, mold, shampoos, and carpet cleaners can all cause allergic reactions. Indications that your dog might be experiencing a skin infection and/or an allergy are poor coat texture, itching, chewing, and hot spots.

Bacterial skin infections and hormonal skin diseases also affect the dog's skin. Oral antibiotics and preparations can be used to control these conditions.

Other infections may be down to ringworm, fleas or ticks.

Skin medications for dogs include cephalexin, clindamycin, and enrofloxacin.

Dog Friendly Article: A Rescue Greyhound Makes the Ideal Pet

Racing greyhounds have fairly short careers. Many of them end up in re-homing centres and often can be overlooked by people looking for a new pet but you really shouldn't dismiss greyhounds as your family pet. Despite their reputation for being fast, they don't require extra exercise, in actual fact, greyhounds are fairly lazy. They are fast in short bursts, but they don't run around like that all the time. In the house they much prefer to sleep and relax.

You can walk them like any normal dog, you just get to see their speed when you let them off the lead and they tear around the park for a while. They will soon burn off their energy and be keen to go back home for a nap. Greyhounds have a lovely temperament too and are the perfect pet for a home with children. They really are an ideal dog to have in your home, and taking on a rescued animal is always a worthwhile thing to do. It's much better to give an unwanted dog a loving new home rather than buying a dog from a breeder.

Ex-racing greyhounds really do benefit from a special diet. A complete greyhound food will be perfect for their needs. As a racing greyhound they would have been fed a very particular diet designed to help them run fast in short bursts. This will have been free from additives and so many rescue greyhounds end up with stomach upsets when they are fed ordinary dog food as their stomachs just aren't used to the additives in most normal pet foods. Because this is such a common issue, most foods developed specifically for greyhounds will be free from such additives. IF you already own an ex-racing greyhound and find that he has stomach problems then gradually swapping him over to a specific greyhound food may well help.

You should also be careful about when you feed your greyhound. Due to the fact that they run so fast, feeding them too soon before or after they have exercised can cause stomach issues. It's best to feed your greyhound at least an hour before you take him for a walk to allow him to digest his food. When you get back from a walk, wait another hour before you feed him. Greyhounds also need plenty of water so make sure they have a bowl of fresh water available for them at all times.

So next time you're considering a new dog, don't dismiss a greyhound thinking they'll be too much trouble and will need too much exercise as they do make really fantastic pets. They'll give back as much love as you give to them, and they won't be running around your home as if it were a racetrack!

Find out more about Greyhounds and Greyhound Food when you visit this fantastic greyhound website

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