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Dog Friendly Tips: Hip Dysplasia

Common in Labradors, Alsatians

Immune-mediated, infectious, and traumatic joint diseases all can lead to the onset of osteoarthritis. In dogs, a common cause of osteoarthritis is canine hip dysplasia (CHD). The prevalence of CHD can be as high as 75% in some breeds of dogs. CHD mostly occurs in larger, rapidly growing dogs.

While Hip Dysplasia is a genetic disease, research indicates that excessive weight can exacerbate the incidence and severity of the disease.

A 14-year study published in the Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association in 2002 evaluated the effects of a 25% diet restriction on joint development and subsequent osteoarthritis, several potential markers of aging, and longevity of Labrador retrievers. The study demonstrated that feeding to a pre-determiend ideal body weight and condition for the breed, decreased the incidence, prevalence, and severity of osteoarthritis in this group of Labrador retrievers.

Diet and avoiding your dog developing an over-weight condition will reduce incidence of Hip Dysplasia.

Combinations of treatments are available for osteoarthritis including medical, alternative, and surgical options. Maintaining a healthy weight, regular daily exercise, good nutrition, and drug therapy are widely used treatment options.

Osteoarthritis medications include carprofen and polysulfated glycosaminoglycan for dog health care.

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