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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 01

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog FAQs 11-20

11. Do dogs have eczema?
They have a skin disease that is called eczema.

12. How can I improve my dog's coat?
For each ten pounds of body weight, add a teaspoon of corn oil to its feed.

13. When a dog sits down and drags itself along with its front legs, does it mean it has worms?
Not necessarily. It may have worms, but this particular action means that the dog is trying to squeeze out some of the accumulation in its anal glands or that it itches in the area. So have the anal glands seen to by a vet or dog grooming parlour.

14. Do worms cause anaemia?
Yes. Hookworms cause it by drawing blood; whipworms by their toxins.

15. Do dogs have collarbones (clavicles)?
No. Among pets, only birds have them.

16. What is a roundworm?
It may be any of a class of nematodes - hook, whip, ascarid - or it maybe a specific ascarid usually called roundworm. It is three to five inches long, one sixteenth of an inch thick, and pointed at both ends.

17. Are hookworms so named because their ends are shaped like hooks?
No. They are called hookworms because of the microscopic hooks around their mouths by which they attach themselves to the intestinal lining. Hookworms are five eighths of an inch long and about as thick as heavy thread.

18. How do dogs acquire tapeworms?
Principally by eating fleas and rabbits, each of which is host for a specific kind of tapeworm.

19. Can a vet find tapeworm eggs by a faecal examination?
The eggs of the flea-host worm are seldom found, but the eggs of the rabbit-host worm are always evident.

20. Are dogs subject to any infectious liver disease?
One type - leptospirosis - which is spread by rats.

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