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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 30

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Tongue

The base of the tongue and surrounding areas are subject to infection from foreign bodies such as needles, splinters, and vegetation which penetrate the surface of the area and migrate.

The seed fronds of some grasses when eaten penetrate the mucous often at the junction of the two jaws. As the foreign body migrates, it may lodge in the area of a nerve, causing great pain and the inability to open the jaws wide.

Some of these objects migrate upward, producing an abscess over an eye, or downward, producing an abscess under the jaw that resembles human mumps before it ruptures. If the foreign object does not slough out in the discharge the abscess heals and reforms.

The tongue can be lacerated from the dog licking sharp objects. If the tongue becomes impaled by the sharp edges of an open can's lid that's been pushed into the open can, an anaesthetic is sometimes necessary in order to remove it if the dog is difficult. The dog should be seen immediately by a veterinarian, as should any dog whose laceration continues to bleed for more than twenty minutes.

Dog Tongue Information. The tongue is an extended muscular organ. The surface of the tongue is covered by a specialized epithelium tissue with the help of which a dog tastes, touches and feels pain. The tongue also helps to dissipate heat.

Dogs have the taste sensations to taste salt, sweet and sour. The sensation of sour is felt generally at the top of the tongue, the salt at the lateral sides and one end of the tongue while sweet is felt at the edges and the front of the tongue.

The dogs have a special way of tasting water by simply dipping the tip of their tongue in the water.

You will often find that the tongue of your dog is often wet. Many think that it is because of the seating of the tongue. But in actuality the wet tongue is the net result of the secretion of all the salivary glands producing a thick secretion of fluid.

Some dogs may have black pigments in patches in the tongue surface, gums and lower lips. The black patch is because of the presence of melanin pigments and has nothing to do with medical supervision.

Though black patches amidst tongue tissues are harmless, a raised or an elevated region of black patch may be a matter of concern. Consult a vet as you discover a raised black area.

A raised black lump on the tongue surface can be the result of a type of cancer called melanoma. Suamous cell carcinoma is another type of tongue cancer. The other two types of cancer that can occur in tongues are known as granular cell tumor and mast cell tumor. With the aid of surgery and radiation the diseases can be completely cured if diagnosed at an early stage.

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