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Dog Friendly Tips: Canned Foods

There are hundreds of conscientious manufacturers of dog foods earnestly working to turn out products that, when fed exclusively, will nourish dogs from weaning throughout the rest of their lives. There are also cheap dog food manufacturers turning out foods that have no other qualification than that dogs like them.

Some may be deficient in half a dozen essentials. Dogs fed these cheaper foods develop bone problems, show vitamin B deficiencies, fail to reproduce, develop sore eyes characteristic of vitamin A deficiency, and became anaemic because of iron deficiency. And every one of these foods was eaten eagerly by the dogs.

Appetite is definitely no guide to the goodness or completeness of a food.

Good or bad, prepared dog foods fall into four general classes.

Canned Foods.

There are many brands of canned foods on the market. If you patronize a large market where many brands are sold, there will probably be at least two made by one packer from the same formula. That packer and the proprietor of the store know that most dog owners buy on the basis of what a dog likes.

You may buy one of each of the two brands. At noon you might offer your pet food from one of the cans. Suppose it does not happen to be hungry then and turns up its nose and leaves it. At supper you try another can of the same formula, but packaged under a different label. Naturally your pet is hungry by that time and eats it, and you think, 'this is wonderful food'. Don't judge the food on these grounds.

The taste test is no test at all of a nutritious dog food.The best canned foods on the market today are known in the trade as pudding foods. They are poured into the cans as a thick soup that contains enough gelatinizing substance to make a solid cake after processing. Most of them are 70 percent or more water and about 450 calories, which is just about enough food for a dog weighing fifteen pounds. An active, medium sized Cocker Spaniel requires two one pound cans a day if fed canned food exclusively. An English Setter weighing sixty pounds needs four cans and that is correct no matter what the directions on the can say.

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