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Dog Friendly Tips: Ticks & Mosquitos

Dog grooming becomes even more important in the Spring. Some breeds require more grooming than others. Sheeba the alsation needs no attention at all as she grooms herself regularly!  Jack swims in the river and his longer coat gets easily matted, so he has to go to the professional dog groomers every couple of months.

After a long winter, your best friend is sure to need a bath. You can either do this yourself or take your dog to a dog groomer.

Warmer temperatures bring insects and mosquitoes. Mosquitos carry the heart worm virus, so make sure to see your vet for appropriate heart worm prevention if you live in a mosquito area. Wales with its lakes, reservoirs and rivers has lots of mosquitos in the summer evenings and this is especially true of our dog friendly Country Park. However the area is free of mosquitoes in the mornings and early afternoons; they tend to increase in the evenings.

Fleas and ticks can be a real nuisance and they can make life rough for our furry family members. Whenever Jack goes to Sussex he picks up ticks but never does in Wales.

Ticks should be removed carefully. A neat tick twist-remover can be a huge help, enabling you to 'unwind' the tick out intact. Don't bother trying to pull the tick out with tweezers as some recommend, as you only end up leaving the head of the tick in the dog, to get infected within the dog's coat. A tick winds itself in so has to be 'unwound' out.

Organic bug repellents also help keep insects off dogs and cats. Inspect your dog nightly for ticks and fleas, remembering that some areas are more prone to one or the other, so when you travel to a new area on a dog friendly holiday, extra checking of your dog's coat is needed.

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