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Dog Friendly Tips: Brush Your Dog's Coat Regularly

Brushing is a great way to start your grooming routine and is a must before a bath. Brushing eliminates matts and tangles, removes dead hair, dirt and burrs.

Brushing distributes  natural oils, producing a healthy skin tone. Slicker brushes are a great all-around tool, and we also like the rubber curry brushes for their massage-like capability.

During your grooming time you can check your dog's overall condition including skin, eyes, ears, coat and teeth. Your dog grooming session is also a nice way to bond with your dog and should be a pleasant experience for you both.
Coat and skin care start from the inside with a complete, balanced and high quality diet. A dull, dry, or itchy coat is often indicative of a poor diet.

Dull coat? Consider an organic or dehydrated raw food diet if you believe your dog might need a better diet. Many dogs benefit from fish oil added to their diet.

Dog Friendly Article: Caring for Pet Dogs - A Fantastic Obsession

Ever since the dawn of civilization, one of the most prized assets for a human being has been a pet dog. A pet dog easily adapts to its new surroundings that are provided by its owner and becomes an inseparable part of the master's family. The unconditional love that develops between the pet dog and its master is the result of an irresistible and a permanent bond. There are an innumerable amount of breeds of a pet dog and some of the well known breeds are the Alsatians, Labradors, Bull Dogs, Poodles, Pomeranian, Terriers, and the Cocker Spaniels. The choice of the breed of the pet dog depends on the preference and the budget of the pet owner.

Care of Pet Dogs - An Important Aspect

While the display of this eternal affiliation is well known, the responsibility of taking care of the pet lies with the pet owner. The average life span of a dog varies between eight to ten years. It is through the good grooming and proper care of the pet dog by the pet owner that will increase the longevity of the dog. One of the most significant aspects of good grooming is giving it a thorough clean up and a good wash that will help to maintain its health and well being.

A dog wash is necessary since pets love to play in the mud and soil their fur coats. Pet care is often considered to be a favorite pastime for pet owners, yet, many are hesitant to mess up their own homes even though, it takes only an hour or two every week to spend time with the pet animal and ensure its cleanliness. The frequency of bathing depends on the breed of the dog and the climatic conditions of the location. A pet dog with a thick fur coat requires frequent cleaning while those with thin fur coats require a periodic dog wash at longer intervals.

Automated Dog Wash Stations

There are people who are hard pressed for time and they would rather visit a dog wash station that is around their immediate neighborhood. The wash stations are equipped with state of the art dog wash equipment. The stations have well trained and qualified personnel who take adequate care of the dog while giving it a wash. There are stations that have coin operated dog wash facilities where the dog receives its wash through automated system and the client inserts the coins into the slot as payment.

Avisha writes for the coin operated dog wash company The K-9000 Dog Wash and finds their product to be a unique one in the market.

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