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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park 79

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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog FAQs 1-10

1. What causes a dog to start shedding its coat?
The lengthening of the day.

2. What causes a dog to have worms?
They are part of nature and are usually contracted from the dog ingesting worm eggs.

3. Does a dog need lean meat?
No. It can live on dehydrated meat or without any meat at all.

4. Could a dog live on a vegetable diet?
Yes, if given added vitamins and minerals.

5. Does milk make worms in dogs?
No. In fact, milk is an excellent food for dogs.

6. Does garlic kill worms?
There is no scientific evidence to substantiate this. Garlic seems to nourish tapeworms, causing them to shed more egg masses (these are called 'segments') than they would shed without it.

7. At what age do bitches first come in heat?
At six to twelve months, depending on the breed and rapidity of growth.

8. Does ground glass kill dogs quickly?
Finely ground glass usually doesn't even bother them and passes through without appreciably damaging the digestive tract. Of far greater concern would be a broken bottle or jar with sharp shards, covered in sweet tasting food that a dog might be tempted to eat or lick.

9. Can you tell the age of a dog by its teeth?
Its second set starts to erupt at fourteen weeks of age and are all in by five and a half months. Beyond that, teeth are a poor indication of age.

10. Is distemper the only disease that causes pits in the tootle enamel?
No. There are a number of febrile diseases puppies can have at teething time which leave pits.

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