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Dog Friendly Tips: Greater Variety in Dog Foods

The average one dog owner whose pet is fed canned or dried foods or table scraps with some meat added, will scarcely credit some of the diets on which dogs have been maintained in good health. Here are a few, showing simply the diversity of foods that dogs can digest.

In Scandinavia a dog breeder feeds his dogs mostly cooked whole fish with a little cooked grain.

At a large university the physiology department feeds its dogs with cane sugar, lard, bone ash, casein, vitamin concentrates, and a mineral mixture.

A chick hatchery owner feeds his dogs infertile cooked eggs and stale doughnuts from a nearby bakery, with alfalfa - leaf meal mixed in.

A potato farmer gives his dogs boiled small potatoes in their jackets, mashed and mixed with hamburger.

Our dogs can have a diet of dehydrated dog food in meal form and water.

During World War 2 many United States Army dogs were fed on horse meat and corn meal boiled together.

Stray dogs live after a fashion by rummaging through garbage pails.

Bringing variety to the dog diet is good but you must make sure that your dog is having a balanced diet.

Vary the brands of the commercial food items that you provide your dog to eat. But you must be careful of the brands you are selecting as many brands may not have high quality.

Every brand of food has one form of nutrient deficiency or the other. So, it would be always ideal for your dog to have food from a variety of food manufacturing brands. This will help the pet avoid nutrient deficiencies which might otherwise crop up through sticking to only a single commercial brand of food.

The level of nutrition in dogs depends upon the breed and age of the dog. You may also consult a good vet doctor who will guide you to prepare a diet chart for your dog. You may add protein and nutrient supplements to the diet of the dog.

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