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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Training Your Dog

Well-behaved dogs are happier dogs - and so are their owners. Most undesirable behaviour can be changed with a strict training program but this needs doing from a young age. Once bad habits are formed, it is more difficult to reverse a pattern of repeating bad behaviour.

A well-trained and disciplined dog, one who is able to perform various tasks as well as provide personal and home protection, is an asset.

Proper training can fix most behavioral problems such as:

Aggression with people or other dogs

Excessive barking, growling, jumping, and/or biting

Separation anxiety

Destructive behaviour

Begging, stealing, or whining for food

Escaping and chasing cars

Not responding to commands

Some rescue dogs however may have a chequered past, and may have devoloped inappropriate behaviour and temperament which cannot be easily improved upon. Such dogs may be mentally stuck within a certain incorrect pattern of actions and reactions. Precautionary measures and a lot of patience are needed in such cases.

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