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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park 59

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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: What are the characteristics of your dog?

Different breeds of dog have different personalities. Different training requirements and exercise regimes will be needed for different breeds.

Check out the personality of your own breed of dog here.

Examples: Sheeba is a white alsatian, also known as an American White Shepherd (actually she is a bit of a cross, but in personality she is alsatian). The Germans prefer Black and Tan or Brown, so a White alsation cannot be called a 'German Shepherd'. The white alsations would be put down in the old days as the light coat was not suitable for hunting, but the Americans and Canadians liked the white colour - hence they are known as American Whites. Their personality is the same:

German Shepherd: well suited for police work thanks to their intelligence, fierce loyalty, and keen sense of smell. Search-and-rescue dog and guide dog for the blind and disabled. When correctly trained and socialized early on in life, they make great pets and get along well with the whole family, including other animals.

Jack of course is a Golden Retriever: Say “perfect family dog,” and the golden retriever comes to mind. Those soft brown eyes, floppy ears, and golden coat combined with a sweetheart personality make this breed huggable to young and old alike.

Country of origin: First bred in the highlands of Scotland. (I believe they are a cross between a spaniel and a labrador originally).

Coat: Medium-length fur that can vary from light gold to dark gold. Sheds year-round, so weekly brushing is recommended.

Size: Considered a medium-size breed, most are about 14 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 80 pounds (top weight should be 36 kg and Jack has been around this and looks fit and well at this level).

Personality: Naturally eager to please and generally easy to train. Golden retrievers enjoy learning and showing off new tricks, and they're known to be a tough breed to beat in obedience competitions.

Because they're so trainable, these people-oriented dogs are often used as service dogs for the disabled.

Favorite pastimes: Golden Retrievers love being active and enjoy running, swimming, and, of course, playing fetch (also known as retrieving). Regular exercise helps minimize any hyperactive tendencies they may have. Jack loves swimming and chasing sticks but has never really grasped the idea of 'fetching'. This probably arose because there are so many sticks in Craig y Nos Country Park that I would simply throw another for him to chase rather than insist on him returning the stick I'd thrown before. Sadly Jack is one retriever who does not 'retrieve'.

Diet: Stick to a balanced, vet-recommended diet; golden retrievers are known to gain weight quickly if overfed.

See more dog breed personality types here.

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