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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Should my dog's nose be pink or black

There should be no crusting on the surface of a healthy nose, nor should there be any runny or thickened discharges or bleeding.

Noses can change from black to pink and back again, but it is always worth asking your vet if you have any concerns.

A healthy nose doesn’t have to be very cold or wet.

Dog Friendly Article: Tips on Training Your Pitbull Faster

You'll be able to find a lot of dog lovers who will go out of their way to purchase and raise a pitbull in their homes. The breed is very popular amongst many people and these dogs serve many purposes. Whether you want the dog to serve as a guard, or you're simply looking for a dog that can be a friendly companion to you, a pitbull will probably be the best and first choice for many people.

According to many dog owners, the reason why they decided to buy a pitbull over any other breed is that the training process of the dog takes a shorter amount of time. And the fact that some tips can help speed up the training process even more encourages many owners to buy the dog. But it is extremely necessary that you do hire a dog trainer to train your dog. Without training, your dog might not be loyal or friendly and might be a source of nuisance rather than a source protection and safety.

Training the pitbull dogs might take a shorter time, but the process all in all is not an easy one. The dog will take more time to learn what you're trying to teach it and you, or your dog trainer will need to have more than enough patience to put up with the dog. There are some tips that can greatly help in speeding up the training process and making the dog more compliant to your orders/commands.

For example during the training process you can use treats to excite the dogs. When you make use of treats and reward the canine with a treat every time it complies with your orders, you condition the dogs thinking to obey orders and then expect a reward. This will help initially in the training process and will be very effective in helping the canine obey. Slowly and gradually, you will need to reverse the conditioning and only reward the dog upon learning new things. This way, your dog will not expect a reward every time he obeys an order.

Make sure that your trainings are regular. Make sure that your trainer visits regularly and spends the most time he/she can with the canine to train it. Exerting the dog to too much training in one go might tire the dog. On the other hand, having irregular trainings might reverse the trainings you gave to the dog before, because the dog might actually forget what was taught in the first few sessions. The dog needs to be helped in remembering its training and so training needs to be regular. Regular doesn't mean repetitive, because even the dog might get bored. Strike a balance between repetitive and regular so that you give just the right about of training for the canine to learn to obey its master.

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