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Dog Friendly Tips: Dog's diet and shape

Obesity in dogs is becoming a growing canine health concern. In a recent study, overfeeding dogs with an all-meat diet caused obesity. As many as 25% of dogs seen by veterinarians are overweight or obese.

Excess caloric intake can lead to obesity. Obesity is associated with many health risks including musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, and respiratory problems.

Although avoiding obesity is the best approach to lifelong health, if your dog is overweight, your veterinarian can recommend a safe, effective weight loss program that includes a reduced calorie diet. The best diet for your dog is one that is low in calories. By controlling caloric intake, you can make your dog up to 15 Dog Age years younger.

An ideal body condition means that the outline of your dog's ribs can be felt and seen, your dog's waist is visible when viewed from above, and the abdomen is tucked up when viewed from the side.

Dog Friendly Article: The Various Types of Labradoodles

The breed known as the 'Labradoodle' is unique in so many ways. However, with an explosion in popularity of all breeds ending in '-oodle' these days, it pays to know the difference between a curly coated fourth generation and a miniature partioodle and everything in between.

The one thing you need to know first about labradoodles is that there are varying distinct sizes. While the miniature Labradoodle can grow up to 42 centimetres, the medium Labradoodle can reach a height of 52 centimetres and the standard Labradoodle can grow anywhere from 53-60 centimetres tall.

Labradoodles also generally come in two coat types: the fleece coat and the curly. Fleece-coated Labradoodles have a loose curl or wave and are non-shedding. The curly-coated Labradoodle (sometimes also referred to as a wool coat) displays a tighter curl that sits closer to the body and is also non-shedding.

There are also a large number of colour variations available in the modern Labradoodle. These include black, chalk, cream, gold, red and chocolate coats, which it is important to note, should be an even colour throughout. Also available is caramel, cafe, apricot and phantom, all of which can have varying pigments in the coat. A parti coat can be any colour patched with a white variation.

One Australian breeder has also created a new labradoodle variation through careful breeding, known as the Paddy Melon Labradoodle: this beautiful little dog is purposefully bred to be the smallest labradoodle specimen, at only 25-27 centimetres in height. The Paddy Melon labradoodle is currently only bred in the red and parti colour variations.

Of course, despite its small size and status as a new kid on the block, the Paddy Melon Labradoodle still features all the best qualities of a Labradoodle. It's marketed as a perfect combination of the loving, loyal nature of the Labrador retriever combined with the low-allergy coat of the Poodle. Like the older labradoodle types, they are naturally intelligent and have a predisposition to being easily trained. They are also very active dogs with docile temperaments, which make them the perfect family pet, and the Paddy Melon Labradoodle is even more suitable for owners with small homes.

Not to be confused with a 'toy dog', these one-of-a-kind Labradoodles are more than just a smaller version of the labradoodle breed, and it is important that you don't get duped into believing that any small dog will do the trick.

No matter the size or colouring, our Labradoodle puppies' temperament is always consistent and kind, growing into loyal, family-friendly dogs displaying longevity and hybrid vigour.

As with any family pet, it is imperative to always purchase your dog from a respected breeder to ensure you are getting a true labradoodle with the correct colouring, health standards and temperaments. You should also always guarantee that your puppy or dog comes with all the legal paperwork -- preferably including a breeding history showing exact lineage.

Tamaruke Australian Labradoodles has a world-renown breeding program that produces consistent, leading examples of the 'pure' Australian Labradoodle for family-friendly pets and assistance animals. Head on out to

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