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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Is it safe to feed dogs human's food / leftovers?

There is controversy over what dogs should eat for canine health, proper nutrition and wellness. Some groups believe that feeding dogs raw red meat and bones is the best; some groups believe natural homemade dog food is best; others will claim any dog food will do.

DogAge recommends sticking to mostly a dog food diet to ensure proper nutrition for all stages of your dog's life. Dogs are omnivorous; they enjoy meat and vegetables. To ensure that your dog receives the proper nutrients, choose a dog food that states it provides a 100% complete and balanced diet.

DogAge advises against feeding your dog raw meat, due to the risk of bacteria and cysts that might be present in uncooked meat. Dogs who eat mostly table scraps or homemade dog foods tend to consume too much fat and not enough nutrition..

Some people foods, however, are OK for dogs in moderation (no more than 10% of the total diet) such as:

Vegetables: Most veggies are OK for dogs, either raw or cooked. Stay away from onions and garlic because they can cause anaemia in dogs.

Rice and pasta: Low in fat and calories, these foods make great treats. Use these to add some bulk for weight control diets.

Cooked meats without bones: Small amounts of cooked red meat may be OK when fed occasionally and in moderation. Remember that cooked meats can be high in fat and do not contain the proper balance of nutrients your dog requires.

Dairy products: Dairy products, such as cottage cheese, low-fat yoghurt, and hard-boiled eggs are OK when fed in moderation.

Fruits: Dogs will eat both fresh and dried fruits. Stick with apples, berries, bananas, and seedless watermelon. Don't let your dog eat too much! Too much fruit may upset your dog's digestive system.

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