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Dog Friendly Tips: Know the breed's problems

Many dogs have health concerns or predispositions that are breed specific. Considering adopting or buying a pure bred dog?  Check out the breed and problems with that breed's health beforehand.

Dog Friendly Article:
How A Dog Shock Collar With Remote Saved My Dog's Life

So, what's all the talk about the dog shock collars with remote controls? (This may be illegal in the UK - article written for the Americ an market)

If you're considering one, you probably heard both positive and negative things but in this article
, I want to tell our story and yes, we own a dog shock collar.

First, let me tell you what the problem was before getting the dog collar.

We have a 4 yr old mix pit bull. He actually is a wonderful dog. The problem I had is I have a neighbor with small girls and I wanted to keep him away from the fence so the girls could play in their yard.

Okay, I tried the lea
se training and it worked for a little while but one thing I know about terriers is that they really need to understand who the alpha is and in this case it needed to be myself and the family.

Stix, our dog's name, would listen using the lease training method, but when the kids were outside playing he would totally ignore the rules and wanted to play with the kids. He would bark a lot,
(my wife calls this talking), and with him being a big puppy himself, I didn't want him scaring the kids.

My choices were simple; get another fence, maybe something wooden and taller. This would cost well over $1000. I didn't like that option at all. Then a friend at work suggested a dog shock collar with remote control. We discussed the pros and cons and I decide to get it.

The main thing about having a dog shock collar with remote control is to understand how to use it. And the responsibility of the person that has it in their hand is very important.

The purpose of the collar is to correct an action in the dog's wrong behavio
ur or a behaviour you just want to change.

We were using it for the purpose of keeping him away from the fence and controlling some of the unnecessary barking. So the first thing I did, was walked him around the part of the
area that was safe for him to wander. I put up some little white flags in the area and let him get to know that this means "no or stop". The instructions said to do this 3 times a day for about 1 week. Soon your dog will know where they can go or not without any shock. It worked for us with Stix.

I had a wireless fence also and that's where the flags came from.

Everything worked well but still at least once every 3 to 4 weeks my dog would test the system to see what he can get away with.

The beauty of using the dog shock collar with remote is I could now take him to the doggie park and let him play knowing that I still had some sense of control over him from a distance.

I did see that people who never used one were usually against it. I guess they figure the shock was cruel to the dog. That is only in the hands of an unreasonable person. Never shock your dog for no reason. That is cruel.

What I do want to mention is today, after using the dog shock collar for just 1 year, I don't have to put in on Stix hardly at all. He's cool.

I believe the dog shock collar with remote should be used as a tool to assist you in controlling your dog and as a tool you must use it responsibly.

The main thing is to read the directions to learn exactly how the device works. You must have some knowledge about dog training.

If used correctly the dog shock collar with remote control could possibly save your dog's life.

So, how did the dog shock collar save his life? He never runs in the street and he will not go past the gate in the driveway. My neighbor's dog across from us was not so fortunate. He ran outside of their gate.

Training your puppy or dog is the number one key to your dogs happiness and yours. I can help you with that. All you have to do is follow some simple rules. It will allow more "Freedoms", for your dog. For Great Deals on dog shock collars visit

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