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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 08

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Rest Stops

Factor in some rest stops …

It’s important to account for toilet breaks while you plan your trip. If you’re travelling by car, try to stop every 3 hours for a toilet break and walkies. And if you’re taking the train, it might be a good idea to book a journey with a stop-off or connection rather than taking a direct route. It’s often cheaper to travel this way, and it means your pet won’t be caught short on public transport.

Dog Friendly Article: How Do Dogs Get Mange? - Two Common Kinds

The Two Most Common Kinds of Dog Mange

Sarcoptic Mange - Also referred to as canine scabies

Sarcoptic mange is a crab-shaped mite that burrows into the skin of dogs and live there. Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious between dogs and can even be spread to other animals and more rarely to humans.

Just how do dogs get mange of this type? Usually, the most common way dogs get sarcoptic mange is from other dogs. They get it when playing or scrounging in locations where other animals infected with mange have been. These include wooded lands and parks. It is a very good idea to bathe dogs soon after they have visited areas where you suspect there might be mange.

Extremely itchy

Sarcoptic mange is extremely itchy. The burrowing mites cause hypersensitive reactions and terrible itching by their digging. Many dogs will scratch so much that their hair comes off resulting in bald spots. The constant scratching also causes weight loss.

Dogs that suffer from sarcoptic mange begin losing their hair in certain key areas, usually the earflaps and elbows. Baldness progresses towards the face, legs, sides of the body, and finally all over. Severe itchiness and thinning hair on the ears are a characteristic of sarcoptic mange "pedal pinna reflex". If you scratch the edge of the ear with a fingernail and the dog starts to scratch uncontrollable while bringing up the hind leg to do this, then it is probably a mange problem.

Dogs health

Your pet dog's health will start to suffer when the mange starts to spreads over its body. It will lose all of its hair given enough time, and lose condition. Sarcoptic mange also causes skin crusting, and there might also be secondary skin infections. A dog with an advanced case of sarcoptic mange is a very unhappy dog and requires immediate treatment. When left unattended, some dogs do die from side effects of mange.

Demodectic Mange - Also referred to as Demodex or red mange.

This mange is caused by mites that are not the same scabies crab shaped mites. Demodex mites are cigar-shaped with long tails that also burrow into the skin. Demodex mange is not contagious to other dogs, animals or humans because this mite lives deep within the hair follicles and skin layers.

Quite often dogs with Demodex are not overly itchy, though they are going to lose hair, and get that leathery skin look. A usual place where hair thinning begins is on the face, about the eyes along with the front of the paws and legs.


Just like sarcoptic mange hair loss can progress over the entire dog's body. Dogs may also develop a staph infection of the skin. This may lead to pustules, all-over redness, and in many cases fevers.

Ever wonder how some dogs manage to have such severe cases of mange when it is known that these mites usually live harmlessly in the hair follicles of most dogs?

Very rare

The fact is, cases of red mange are very rare in adult dogs.These mites only become a problem and breed in large numbers because the host dogs have developed weak immune systems because of some c
hronic illness.

Also dogs that get Demodex are generally very young and do not have a well-developed defen
ce system. As they grow older and stronger they tend to cure themselves.

Some do die

Much like sarcoptic mange, dogs that are not treated may eventually die from the condition, though this is rare. Poor health and malnutrition is more likely to cause them to be so immunosuppressed that the result is death.

Frank Rijkers is a freelance writer for BPetSmart. If you are searching for more information related to dog health then you will find exellent articles and guides that teach secrets to dog training, puppy house training, ultimate dog health and even more helpful advice to keep your dog at its peak. is all about you, the owner, and your family having a lasting relationship with your dog.

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