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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park 14

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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Pet Health Insurance Cons

  • Most have an excess or a limit of indemnity (a ceiling on payouts) or a limit on frequency of claims that may reduce your pay out.

  • With some plans, pre-existing conditions may not be covered (which is to be expected of course).

  • Many breed specific conditions (hip dysplasia in retrievers and alsatians for example) may not be covered (which is also understandable from the insurer's point of view but no great help to you the customer).

  • Money spent on premium payments is gone (as opposed to money in a health savings account which you could build up over time)

Dog Friendly Article: House Breaking A Puppy Is Easy

When a puppy is first brought home, the last thing you want to do is let it have free reign of the house. They need to be kept in a very small area so they can learn how to go the bathroom outside. How does this make a difference? Because puppies will not want to sleep and live anywhere near where they go to the bathroom. What will happen is that every couple of hours, you will let him or her out, put on a lead and take them straight outside to a special spot you made just for this very purpose.

Freedom Comes From Going Outside

Let them walk around a little bit, and if they want to sniff and explore the area that is fine too. Give them a few minutes to go to the bathroom, and if they do then reward them with lots of love and praise. If they don't go, then take them back to their space inside and try again in another half hour. The idea is to get them outside before they want to go in their area.

It doesn't take a long time to get them conditioned to going outside, but it does take a lot of consistency on your part in terms of establishing a schedule for the puppy to follow. Another consideration is that puppies will need some extra patience with accidents because they have a harder time controlling themselves. Accidents will happen, and it is important not to scold them harshly. Just take them outside anyway and the routine will soon become apparent to them.

If they do their business outside, let them run around and have interactive fun with them. This will teach them that if they go to the bathroom outside, they can have freedom. It takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months for housebreaking a puppy to properly take root, but as time passes they will associate being outside of their confined space with going to the bathroom outdoors.

They Digest Food Differently Than Us

Another aspect to housebreaking a puppy is that they digest food fast. In fact it takes less than a half hour for them to eat and have to go to the bathroom. Taking them outside about thirty minutes after they eat will help set patterns for the dog to follow, as well as minimizing accidents in the house.

Remember that as you are housebreaking a puppy you are establishing a relationship with him or her as well. So, how you act and make them feel will set the tone for their level of comfort they will have towards you. Dogs need boundaries and close involvement from their owners, and the more available you are to setting patterns will go a long way in seeing fast and positive results.

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