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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 13

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Can my dog see long distance and in colour?

There is some dispute as to what dogs can see. Their interpretation of colours is different to ours; it is considered they can see better than mere 'black and white' but do not see the full range of colours we do.

I notice from a distance my dog Sheeba barks at me as if I am some stranger, and only recognises me when I am a few feet away. Jack seems similarly short-sighted as he too has not recognised me from a distance. It is believed dogs may not have good long-sighted vision, though it is considered they can see better at night.

Dog Friendly Article: Aggression in Pitbulls - What Causes It?

If you are looking for baby pitbulls for sale, you have probably done your research. As a result of this, you must have come across several comments on the nature of pitbull puppies. While doing your research certainly is important, you need to remember that several 'facts' about these dogs are actually myths.

You must, for example, have come across the belief that these dogs are naturally aggressive and can be highly violent. This is not true, since pitbulls are, in fact, extremely loving and loyal. They can be very friendly and can make amazing pets. If you are looking for baby pitbulls for sale, therefore, you must know the real reasons for aggression in these dogs.

Indeed, some pitbulls are very aggressive. However, you need to realize that this aggression does not come by nature. It can be caused by several factors.

The purpose of buying the dog
: if you buy a baby pitbull and keep it indoors, there is no reason that the dog will show signs of violence. If the dog is bought for pet keeping and is kept in a loving and friendly environment, it will turn out to be a great friend. If, however, you buy a baby pitbull for rough tasks, it can be aggressive and violent. Dogs that serve the police, for example, are violent because of the fact that they are brought up to serve that very purpose.

Harsh training techniques
: it is very important for a dog owner to be familiar with the training process. A wrong step can greatly affect the behavior of your dog. You might, for example, quit giving treats to your dog in order to prevent it from being lazy. Your pitbull, however, may see this as unfriendly behavior and may show signs of aggression. Dog training techniques, therefore, must be kept moderate. You must make sure that your dog feels loved.

Mistaken aggression
: often, dog owners tend to mistake a dog's anger for disloyalty. Often, the reality is the opposite. If, for example, your pitbull begins to bark at your guests, the aggression takes place because it feels threatened by unfamiliar people and is trying to protect you! In such cases, you must not be too harsh on your dog. The only way to get through this is to teach your dog not to be aggressive with every visitor and to be friendly instead.

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