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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Beds

For indoor dogs you have a choice of several different kinds of mattresses, canvas stretched across metal or wooden frames, and all sort of beds. You can make beds out of pieces of thick carpet or cast-off mattresses cut down, or you can allow pets to sleep in old chairs.

Some dogs refuse to sleep on soft beds. Great Danes often develop large elbow joint swellings from irritation caused by sleeping on hard surfaces, and almost everyone has known at least one dog that insisted on lying right by the crack under the door.

Heavy dogs that refuse to sleep on softer bedding provided for them sometimes develop sores or stiffness. Light dogs usually show the marks only at their elbows. In outside kennels, oat or wheat straw is satisfactory as bedding. Marsh grass is also excellent. Wood shavings are likely to be tracked out, create an untidy appearance, and are difficult to rake.

If straw is placed in a kennel, there should be at least four inches of the packed material under a dog in cold weather. In summer less is needed. It is seldom necessary to dust outdoor dogs for fleas if a liberal amount is shaken in the bedding each time it is changed. In wet weather the bedding may have to be changed every few days, whereas in dry weather it may serve a month. If it stays over a week, flea powder should be dusted over it every six or seven days.

Dog Bedding Choices

You are not buying the bed for your use rather it is for your pet. The colour may be your choice but in all other respects it has to be practical for your dog. Buy the kind of bed that would be preferred by your dog. A little research on the breed to which your dog belongs and some suggestions from friends who have dogs of the same breed will help you choose the right bed. I like the large padded beds that allow two dogs to share the same space.

While buying the bed for your pet dog you should buy a bed that's easily washable or has a cover you can take off and launder. To minimises diseases you should wash your dog's bed at regular intervals to keep it and the surrounding environment clean and germ free.

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