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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 49

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Dog Friendly Tips: Choosing The Best Pet Terrier

People these days love having a pet. This is because more people want to live alone than to live with their partners. Having a pet is as close to having some family member with you so if you are the type of person that wants some company but to don't wish to live with your loved ones, then having a pet is the key. There are different types of pets although dogs seem to be a favourite. In case you would like to get a pet dog, you might consider getting your own pet terrier. Here are some of the terrier breeds to choose from.

American Staffordshire Terrier: this type of terrier is very playful and looks like an American bulldog. They are also quite friendly with strangers although it is important that their owners are with them when strangers try to be near them. They are also great with kids and very protective as well.

Irish Terrier: this is a very aggressive type of terrier. They are very active and aggressive which is why it is important for its owners to keep up with their pace because they like playing and running all the time. This breed needs to do a lot of exercise in order to live longer. This breed makes a great running partner.

Lakeland Terrier: is a small breed which makes it perfect for ladies. They like to investigate a lot, run, hunt and chase a lot. They are also very clever although they tend to be reserved whenever they are around strangers.

Norwich Terrier: this type of dog is very cute looking and very high spirited. They are great in terms of chasing other animals and always love having an adventure. They like chasing animals which are smaller than they are and they also make a good companion.

Scottish Terrier: is a short legged dog and has fur. They are tough and very determined. They are always ready for action and they seem to be fearless and very aggressive as well. They also like digging and barking a lot so you have to get used to their digging and barking.

Welsh Terrier: this type of dog breed is medium sized and very playful. They like solving mysteries and like entertaining their owners. Just make sure to provide these dogs with daily exercise routines.

These are some terrier breeds so if you are looking for a pet terrier, you might want to consider from the ones mentioned because they are known to be the best.

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