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Craig Y Nos Dog Friendly Wales Hotel - Lower Gardens

Dog Friendly Tips: Nutrition

Many older pets benefit from a high fibre, reduced calorie diet.

Obesity is often down to reduced exercise and overfeeding. Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease.

Because older pets often have changed nutritional requirements, it's a good idea to check with your vet about switching to a high quality, age appropriate diet. 'Senior' dog biscuits are now available in supermarkets but you can also supplement the diet with yoghurt and fish oil.

Many senior dogs benefit from simple things like a small amount of plain yogurt added to the diet to keep healthy digestive bacteria and flora in the intestinal tract in correct balance.

A high quality fish oil is also a useful addition to the diet and helps to keep your senior dog's skin and coat healthy and supple.

Dog Friendly Article: Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

So many dogs are given away because of certain behaviours that can easily be broken. Before taking drastic steps and letting the dog's behaviour get out of control, take a step back and look at the options available. There are professional dog trainers that can take any hard to handle dog and turn him or her into a well behaved animal.

The first step is choosing the right trainer for your dog. Let's face it, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, but it takes the right kind of person with patience and a love for animals to really give these dogs a good chance at happiness with there owners. Dogs are always learning. From the age of birth up until they are older, they learn something new every day. Dogs need structure to figure out what is acceptable with their owner and what is not. Without structure, the dog tends to make up their own rules and then the problems start.

When looking for a trainer, check that they use techniques that are humane. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Constant negativity will only depress the animal and confuse him or her on what they did wrong or what they need to do. Make sure the trainer will reward the dog for completing the task at hand properly. Make sure lea
ds are used in the training process. This will keep the dog from trying to drag the owner when out for a walk. Yelling, pulling, shaking, or even striking the dog is a big NO NO in positive training. Those are things to look out for too. The negative could potentially cause aggression in animals.

Ask around town, from friends, relatives, or coworkers. These people are the best sources at finding the right trainer in your area. They hold important information on where to go and where not to go based on experience. Just because a dog trainer holds a certain certificate or belongs to a certain association, doesn't necessarily mean they are a credible dog trainer. Word of mouth from people always proves the best way of finding where to go.

Next decide which lessons are best for the dog and the owner. Keep in mind that dog only classes or private lessons without the owner, is usually not the best approach. While the dog may learn from the trainer, those tips and tricks may not transfer over well to the owner. Group classes seem to be the most popular and gives the dog all angles of training. They learn to listen to their owner while there are distractions going on. They also learn to interact positively with other animals and other people.

Nathan Gilman is a long time hunting and dog enthusiast. He spends as much time as possible in the field with his dogs and loves to share and compare tips and tricks on hunting, dog training, and equipment. You can visit his dog training supply store here

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